Get the Giggles While Thrifting!

The other day, I took my friend Eebie, on a thrift shopping jaunt (she’s a contributing blogger here – read Eebie’s blog)!  We giggled like schoolgirls as we took clandestine pictures of the weird things we saw.  Gotta love thrifting with a friend. 

Things That Made Us Giggle

This little girl so wants to be loved.  Won’t somebody please take her home?  She’s been looking forlornly from the wall for weeks trying to look cute but her charms won’t work on me.  

Hurry, it’s not too late to pick up this shirt/hat combo.  Although cute, those big noodles would take up too much prime closet space, so it has to stay on the rack.  

We have no idea what the last thing is?  Sand-papery like a pumice stone and encased in a clear box, someone obviously thought this was worthy of display.  Oh no, they are probably frantically looking for their missing sculpture.  It must have been put in the donate box by mistake!

Feeling a little blue, get yourself to a thrift store for a good chuckle! 

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