How to Make Glow Stick Eyes for Halloween


How to Make Glow Stick Eyes for Halloween!

I always feel like somebody’s watching me …

Well, if you stroll by my house late at night, you are being watched (insert Vincent Price laugh).

Make Glowing Eyes for Halloween - fun for kids!

Let’s talk toilet paper!

What to do with all those cardboard tp tubes?

How to make Halloween Glow Stick Eyes

Make Halloween Glow Stick Eyes

1) Gather your toilet paper rolls (if you live in my house, this won’t take long)!

2) Draw eyes on paper – get creative with shapes!

3) Trace eye onto toilet paper roll … then flip the eye template over and use it to trace the other eye (this will make sure your eyes are the same size)

Template for making glow in the dark eyes!

4) Use tiny scissors to cut out the eyes

5) Crack glow stick bracelet and put inside toilet paper roll then cover both sides with duct tape

Toilet Paper Glow Stick Eyes - see how to make them at

6) Put eyes in your bushes and watch passers by flee in fear

Fun Halloween Craft - make these glow stick eyes!


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  1. Great idea. Will definitely use this with the dollar store glow sticks. Just FYI, the coupon comes up that it has already been used..??

  2. My daughter saw this idea and we’ve been saving our rolls ever since! I love seeing yours… we have the perfect bush to put all of our “watching eyes” in, can’t wait for Halloween to try it out on the trick or treaters! By the way, a word on Cottonelle: We’ve used that brand for years and years and I’ve had several people ask me what kind of TP we use so they can buy the same! Yes, it’s that amazing!!!

    1. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU…i too save them…and each year my daughter and i make silverware holders for our holiday tables…we have made snowmen, elves, santas, reindeer, and turkeys….we love it…and look forward to making them together each year !

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