How to Make Your Own Jewelry


How to Make Your Own Jewelry - simple and fun for adults & kids!

It’s jewelry making 101 time.

I’ve already filled you in on the fact that my BFF is Martha Stewart.

So I was a little stunned that she hadn’t picked up the phone to tell me she also makes a line of DIY jewelry.

Instead, she packed up a box full of jewelry making goodness and mailed it to me – thanks Martha!

DIY Key to my Heart Necklace - such a great one of a kind statement piece! #12monthsofmartha #marthastewartcrafts

Every girl needs a bit of bling for summer and you know every Jersey girl likes gold.

So I made a key to my heart necklace … the big key for my hubby and the smaller keys for my twin girls.


DIY Key to My Heart Necklace

How to Make Your Own Jewelry - simple and fun for adults & kids!

Supplies – Martha Stewart Crafts (everything can be found at Michael’s)

Martha Stewart Crafts DIY jewelry - make your own one of a kind piece!

1) Mix 1 part jewelry enamel with 2 parts jewelry enamel activator onto silicone mat and mix together with a toothpick

Note:  For an sheer finish – use enamel right after mixing.  For an opaque finish (which is what I did), let enamel sit for 2-3 hours before using.

2) Clean charms and lobster clasp with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dust

3) Lay keys and lobster clasp on silicone mat and apply white enamel with a toothpick (less is more).
(I wondered about the need for the silicone mat – but it’s the perfect non-stick, easy to clean surface).

Note:  Use silicone tip brush to remove any enamel that drips down the sides.

4) Let dry according to package directions (mine took about 2 days)

5) Add key charms to chain with jump rings using jewelry pliers to open & re-close rings

6) When everyone asks you where you bought your beautiful, one of a kind necklace, smile and say, “I made it”!

How to Make Your Own Jewelry - simple and fun for adults & kids!

Thrilled to be part of 12 Months of Martha – where I create something fabulous every month.

My 12 Months of Martha Projects
January – Valentine Table
February – Peter Cottontail Silhouette
March – DIY Paisley Plate Wall
April – 3-D Butterfly Art

My BFF Martha sent me these Martha Stewart Crafts goodies but I only speak the truth – see my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love the necklace!!! I didn’t know she had a line of DIY jewelry! Hop she has some really big earrings I can make. 🙂

    Happy day!

  2. So adorable and personal! Kind of reminds me of my charm bracelet an aunt started for me when I was little. What would we do without Martha and Michael’s?

  3. Seriously? You are making jewelery now too?? You will be passing Martha up soon and she will be featuring 12 months of Kelly instead!

  4. Oooh – any tute that uses something called an ‘activator’ has my attention! Congrats on being a Martha Maven Kelly! Love your necklace – I bet it looks great with your Havaiannas! 😉

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