Passing It On with Some Fab DIY Vintage Gifts

Need a unique handmade gifts?

Here are three amazing gifts any vintage lover would love!

Gift 1  – Homemade Bath Salts in Vintage Mason Jar & Vintage Stamped Silver Spoon

Great Gift - DIY Bath Salts.  The perfect gift!

Love these old silver spoons and had fun stamping them with just the right words.

Bath Salts Recipe:

* 6 parts coarse sea or kosher salt (I used kosher)
* 3 parts epsom salts
* 1 part baking soda
* drops of essential oil til you get desired scent (I used lavender)
* food coloring (optional – I used green because that’s what I had on hand)

* Mix to combine in a big bowl – pour in cute container and give!

Great Gift - DIY Bath Salts.  The perfect gift!

Gift 2:  Stamped Vintage Spoons 

See how I show you how to make your own stamped vintage silver.

Vintage Stamped Spoons - Make Great Gift

Cocktail lovers rejoice!

Vintage Stamped Spoons - Make Great Gift

Gift 3:  Vintage Silver Plate Platter Chalkboards

I even started them off with a fun quote!

DIY Vintage Silver Chalkboard Platters

Learn how to stamp your own silver.

First items for sale are custom engraved vintage spoons/forks/knives.

Need some more simple gift ideas?  Check out all of My Projects.

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  1. This was such a cute idea. I love your gifts! They are really cute. Enjoy you pass it along project. Hope you are feeling better too.

      1. Oh Pray Tell Where One Might Find Your Special Metal Stamping Set – I Want to Make Presents…Pretty Please With Sugar on Top!

  2. What a big week for you. Body parts extruded, blog moved on over, the pass it on project. Hate to see what sort of a week you have when it’s OK to be busy and not resting.

    Your platters are great. I paid too much for mine, wanted it to be a magnetic memo board but the magnets don’t stick, so now it’s a chalkboard.


  3. Fun!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pic of the chalkboard tray…so fun…my mom sent me a blurry pic so I’m happy to see it up close and personal. I think it’s just perfect. (mushy mushy) And thank you for clarifying that I do actually shower.

    I pinned the garden markets, brilliant idea!!

  4. All 3 of these are fabulous, personalized ideas, I will most definetly be saving for future gifts. Thank you.

  5. These spoons are so thoughtful and special, thank you so much! We can’t wait to do a post about using them in the garden (we’re out there again today too), and are thinking of some gifts we can pass along. Thanks again for including us and such wonderful spoons!

  6. Those are all fab and made with love! I can tell. Congrats on the etsy store! I had no idea. That is fantastic. The photos are gorgeous and I love the patina of the pieces you choose. Best of luck to you!!!

  7. Yeah for me! Thank you so much Kelly for my lovely, lovely gift! It is beyond beautiful and prominently displayed in my powder room right now! The stamped spoon is divine. I am so excited to be a part of the “Pass It On” project and will be passing on my own blogging love shortly! Appreciate you so much!


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  9. HI, was so inspired by this post I bought a metal stamping kit to engrave spoons and an old silver goblet I have… but I just tried and it barely made a scratch nevermind a dent! Can I ask how did you do yours? I was doing mine with a hammer!? Any help much appreciated! xx

    1. Hi Anna – so cool that you bought the stamping kit! I use a steel block for stamping (bought it on Etsy or Amazon – can’t remember where). It’s small – a couple of inches. I wrap the block in a dishcloth, put the spoon on the block then pound the stamp onto the spoon with a hammer (6-7 pounds). Hope that helps.

  10. Kelly, I know we don’t know each other well but just in case you were wondering, I like enjoy long soaks. And gardening. Especially gardening with engraved spoons. I like chalkboard paint and anything covered in it. And pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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