Kelly Elko


Hi, I’m Kelly Elko and I believe everyone should love where they live!

Forget decorating rules and keeping up with constantly changing trends. Let’s march to the beat of our own decorating drummers.

We’ll mix old and new, high and low (and sometimes free) and I’ll mix up a batch of margaritas along the way.

We’ll shop thrift stores, flea markets and the best online shops, we’ll cook my favorite “good enough for company” chicken and we’ll be proud of where we live and what we create.

We’ll be curious and open-minded and explore new ideas.

Let’s love where we live together.



I Heart:

shaking up a mean cocktail
my twin girls
laughing til I make noises like an old man gasping for air
tarnished silver
broadway shows
cocktails at a great bar
friends you can count on
digging through basements and garages at estate sales
homemade pesto pizza
curbside finds
great books
a great glass of red wine
a great pair of boots
baguettes and butter
inappropriate humor
my hubby
movie theatre popcorn with extra butter
a sandy beach at sunset
celebrating special moments
old houses
long hot baths
original art
funny people

I Hate:

pretentious people
itchy wool sweaters
sand sticking to me
the supermarket
the treadmill
cilantro (tastes like soap)
how long it takes to dry my hair