How to Plant Ground Cover Under a Tree

Whether you have a tree that provides so much shade that grass won't grow under it, a tree with exposed roots sticking out of the ground, or you just want want to beautify the ground beneath your trees, I have the solution! I planted a gorgeous, flowering ground cover under my cherry blossom and it not only covers the huge, ugly exposed tree roots, it also adds color and interest under the tree and in my yard. Today, I'm … Continue Reading

Peony Supports and Growing Tips

Plant a peony today! Every garden needs a peony bush and if you are lucky enough to live in an area where peonies thrive, there is no better time like the present! I'm sharing my tips on how to get instant peony gratification and how to keep them looking their best with peony supports. Ever wonder why your peonies won't stand upright and flop onto the ground? Get my peony growing tips and learn all about peony rings plus tips … Continue Reading

Spring / Summer Dresses (5 Under $40)!

Do you look into your closet and silently scream ... "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" I went on the hunt for some cute dresses and found some really amazing and affordable ones that are flattering while hiding a multitude of sins ... and the best part (besides five dresses are under $40) is that THEY ALL HAVE POCKETS! I love that you can throw on a dress and look polished without having to figure out a whole outfit. It makes getting … Continue Reading