Pros and Cons of Machine Washable Ruggable Rugs

When my sister visited a few weeks ago with her dog Jovie in tow, I was excited to see them. That is until ... Jovie decided to leave a steaming brown gift on my new rug! The silver lining of this story is that she chose my new Ruggable machine washable rug to go on! With all the buzz about Ruggable rugs, I of course had to find out if they live up to the hype and I'm sharing all the Ruggable rugs pros and cons, a special … Continue Reading

Picture Perfect Old Snow Covered Houses

What's better than an old house? An old house in the snow! Join me on a walk through my neighborhood to admire houses in the snow. Plus I'm sharing a fun story about a pair of antique Victorian houses a dad built for his two daughters in the 1800's. Before we begin, I wanted to give you a heads up on a great sale on my favorite candles! Every single fall and winter candle is 30% off with free shipping over $50. I … Continue Reading

Eclectic Home Tour – House on Winchester

I thought it would be fun to revisit my most popular Eclectic Home Tour from last year and possibility the most popular tour of all time! They were the only bidders at an auction for a run down old house owned by a former super hoarder. They used their house flipping experience (they've renovated over a dozen) to transform the House on Winchester into a vintage, farmhouse, chippy paint, and antique filled beauty. Love … Continue Reading