All in All It’s Just Another Basket on the Wall – Basket Gallery Wall Tips

I never met a gallery wall I didn't love but gallery walls don't have to be limited to paintings and photographs. I love unique art and thinking outside the box on what to hang on a wall. It's all about texture and pattern and baskets offer both so I created a really cool boho basket wall. I'm sharing my basket gallery wall tips to help you create your own unique, eclectic look. Basket walls are on trend, add instant … Continue Reading

Fall Kitchen & Vintage Ashtray Display

I love my kitchen as much today as I did when we renovated 11 years ago. I always have fun decorating this blank slate and adding fun seasonal touches. For fall, I added an assortment of vintage finds that add so much personality. I am so excited to share my colorful vintage ashtray display. Pull up a seat in my fall kitchen and I'll slice you a piece of warm caramel crumble. It's funny, I love to constantly change … Continue Reading

Don’t Make My Mistake! Why Every Rug Needs a Rug Pad

I didn't think I needed a rug pad but boy was I wrong! I'm sharing why every rug needs a rug pad and the problems I ran into by not using one. If you want to extend the life of your rug and protect your floors, a rug pad is your best friend. I've had my custom cut seagrass rug in my living room for a few years and love it! But when a friend told me that over time, the attached latex on the back of my rug can stick to the … Continue Reading