My Favorite Thrift Store of All Time

Close your eyes and imagine a magical place that is clean and bright and well-lit and well-stocked and the employees are nice and everyone smiles and unicorns frolic through fields of buttercups (ok, maybe not that last part). What is this mystical place I'm referring to? It's my favorite thrift store ... 2nd Ave Thrift Superstore! During the month of March, I took three trips there because we all know that going often is the … Continue Reading

Eclectic Home Tour – Shauna Glenn Design

She's the lady in red while everybody else is wearing tan and she definitely doesn't shy away from color or pattern in her bold and colorful Texas home. Today's Eclectic Home Tour of Shaun Glenn Design is one of a kind. Click Here to See All of My Eclectic Home Tours Says Shauna: "I don't know the rules of home design. I haven't downloaded any How-To books or read Interior Design For Dummies. I just play with color … Continue Reading

DIY Egg Garland

I'm sharing how to make a fun and colorful DIY egg garland that you can reuse every spring or Easter for years to come. It's been eight years since I made this garland and it's still one of my all favorites! Inexpensive plastic Easter eggs go from cheap looking to fun and whimsical. I'm also sharing what I would do differently the next time so you will have a much easier time making yours than I did. This post contains … Continue Reading