Vintage Panoramic Photo Collection

I love a good gallery wall and this one just may be my favorite one yet! Meet my vintage panoramic photo gallery wall! Plus I did some research and found out some fun tidbits about this very unique form of photography. Months ago, I found one of these framed photos on Facebook Marketplace and a few days after I picked it up, the seller messaged me letting me know he had more and asked if I was interested! Was I … Continue Reading

Double Peonies are Double the Pleasure

Double the pleasure, double the fun! If you love peonies, you are going to love double peonies twice as much! Peonies are classified by their flower form. Some types of peonies have a single ring of petals, while other types have multiple rows of petals. If you've ever wanted to grow peonies, I'm sharing my tips on how to grow double peonies ... or any peonies for that matter so you too can be rewarded with armloads of peonies … Continue Reading

Eclectic Home Tour – Polished Farmhouse

Every color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) is represented throughout the house except for one ... violet! So even though you won't find anything purple, you will definitely find a home that exudes happiness. "Color is my thing." says Alison Kandler. She describes the style of today's vibrantly colorful Eclectic Home Tour as "polished farmhouse." Are you ready to be inspired by this … Continue Reading