Eclectic Home Tour – Miracle on Thirty Fourth

Three years ago they bought their dream house ... a 1935 brick Colonial. She says, "they were completely in over their heads and then completely overwhelmed. Termite damage, bats and even a shower that leaked from the ceiling below. Door handles fell off in their hands. Broken HVAC and the list goes on." Today's Eclectic Home Tour of Miracle on Thirty Fourth blog shows what a lot of elbow grease and creative repurposing can … Continue Reading

Why I Love Picture Ledges and a Eclectic Gallery Wall Ideas

I'm a big lover of vintage art and over the years, I've amassed quite the collection. I love changing out my art but hate putting tons of holes in my walls which is why I am a big lover of picture ledges. Picture ledge walls offer a blank slate to work with and it's so easy to change out the look whenever the mood strikes. I'm sharing my eclectic vintage art gallery wall plus flashing back to some old favorites to hopefully … Continue Reading

Eclectic Home Tour – Not a Minimalist

This self professed maximalist takes collecting to a whole other level! He scours flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales for really cool vintage finds then brings them home and displays them in a way that will make you say WOW! Today's Eclectic Home Tour of Not a Minimalist takes us inside the house of a self professed maximalist who knows how to have fun with his collections. Click Here for More Eclectic Home … Continue Reading