The Most Creative Gingerbread Decor Ideas!

I think my love of gingerbread houses started when I was a kid. I would drag a kitchen chair over to the refrigerator and climb up so I could reach into my now vintage gingerbread house cookie jar for a treat. Over the years, I've been adding a few gingerbread touches in my Christmas decorating and love the look so I have been been on a mission to find the most creative gingerbread decor ideas! I'm not talking about … Continue Reading

Vintage Santa Mug Art in the Kitchen

I'm sharing an easy and inexpensive way to create art for your home, for any season, holiday or occasion. I searched and searched for art to display with my Santa mug collection but could not find anything I liked. As luck would have it, as I was minding my own business strolling through the gift wrap aisles, I stumbled across the perfect solution! I created gift bag framed art that is perfect for my Christmas kitchen. I'm … Continue Reading

12 Years of Christmas – The Best of My Christmas Home Tours!

I'm going where no blogger has gone before! I am taking you on a stroll down Christmas memory lane and sharing my past 12 years of Christmas Home Tours! I'll share the good, the bad, and the ugly (sometimes very ugly)! But one thing you will get is TONS of Christmas decorating inspiration because each tour has some very unique ideas that you can mix and match and use in your decorating! Plus, you'll see the progression of my … Continue Reading