Thrifting Diaries – My Swan Song, 7 Years Bad Luck, and an Almost Grisly Murder

I have been hitting the Facebook Marketplace jackpot recently! My latest finds include a truly unique vintage swan table, a huge black cat that frightened my poor dog and some very jolly old Santas. Plus I’m sharing a cautionary tale of why you should never meet sellers in the Kmart parking lot.

I love this unique vintage carved wood swan table #swantable #swan #vintagedecor #vintagefurniture #midcenturyfurniture #foyerdecor #thrifting

This is also the perfect example of why it’s important to buy what you love! I took a poll on my Instagram stories asking people if I should get the swan and about 40% replied no! Did I let that stop me?

I love one of a kind finds and I have never seen anything like this vintage carved swan table. It fits perfectly in this little corner of my foyer. Originally, I planned to paint him black but I would hate to cover up that beautiful wood grain so for now, it will stay as is.

Love this eclectic living room with so many unique vintage finds #vintagedecor #vintagefurniture #eclecticdecor #livingroomdecor #globes #rattan #collections

I may have seven years bad luck for letting this black cat cross my path but it was worth it! I love the huge size (it’s over four feet wide) and that it’s painted on both sides. I have a special place planned for him this Halloween!

Love this giant vintage black cat lawn ornament #halloween #vintagehalloween #halloweendecor #blackcat

This is the cautionary tale of how to avoid being murdered in the pursuit of cute vintage Santa mugs.

These Santa mugs were a little farther than I wanted to travel, so I asked my sister to pick them up for me. When the seller told me he could meet me her in the Kmart parking lot in a not too nice part of town, I immediately pictured him putting a chloroform soaked rag over her face and throwing her limp body in the back of his van! I knew I would never be able to live with the guilt of my sister’s grisly murder, so I gave up all hopes of getting my hands on these little Santas. When the murderer … I mean seller, offered to drop them off on my sister’s porch, I could not believe my luck. She didn’t even have to open the front door because I paid him via Venmo.

Cute vintage Santa mugs and a Holt Howard pitcher #christmas #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #santa #vintagesanta #santamug #holthoward #collections #vintagecollection #christmasdecor

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I have been on the hunt for vintage Santa mugs (I only had one) and this set not only includes three mugs but also an adorable Holt Howard winking Santa eggnog pitcher and the world’s cutest tiny Santa mug perfect for downing shots of spiked grog!

I haven’t stepped foot inside a thrift shop since March but I’m finding so many great things on Facebook Marketplace that it’s more than making up for it. I’ll be sharing all my Facebook Marketplace buying tips very soon so stay tuned!

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  1. I love the wood tone of your swan table against the black accent pieces. It’s not something I would normally consider but its location and size is perfect! Please don’t paint it shiny gold
    Iike those gazelle head coffee tables! Lol

  2. Great finds! I’ve never seen anything like your swan table. I agree on leaving it as is. I’m not sure if you pain tit black if you’d be able to see the swan carving details. My heart pitter-pattered when I saw your cat and Santa mugs. Now I’m thinking I need to look at FB marketplace!

  3. Kelly, your finds have found a home in your home and look so much “at home.” I agree, you get to decide how you decorate and you know what speaks to you! Thank you for inspiring us to listen! -Marialyce Keane 🦢

  4. Leave the swan as is,it’s beautiful! But paint the base black to echo your other black accents. Or not…it’s pretty perfect as is 👍

  5. I love the swan table! Please don’t paint it, it’s lovely the way it is. A little Murphy’s wood oil may add a little luster to it.

  6. That table is so unique and beautiful! Great find! All these items are good! Can’t wait to read your shopping tips!

  7. I am so very glad you bought that table, i love it , i think it so beautiful. I can tell Sushi love it.

  8. Love the Santa mugs. I have never seen the Egg Nog pitcher!
    The swan is great! I think the natural wood grain is perfect. I
    wouldn’t change it.

  9. Lol that story is funny but honestly I would feel the same way. Also I sometimes feel nervous about stra gets knowing where I live. But so glad this worked out for you those mugs. They are so cute! The swan table is so unique. It would look fabulous black. My husband would say No No never paint beautiful wood. So I would be torn on painting it. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your interesting finds.

  10. You swan table is truly unique & beautiful. I agree: don’t paint it. The beautiful grains are what helps make it so beautiful. Great job, Ms Kelly, finding it! Absolutely perfect!

  11. I absolutely love the swan table! Smart of you to ignore the nay-sayers! Do you know what kind of wood it is? A lot of wood pieces were made of mahogany or teakwood in mid-century… it looks the right color for teak. You should do some research. Mid century swan tables are worth thousands of dollars! Wonderful find!

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