Vintage Christmas Ornament Valentine Heart!

Before you pack up your Christmas ornaments … do this! Calling all vintage ornament lovers … this is for you! My Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen is a combo of some of my favorite things … Christmas, vintage ornaments and a one of a kind decoration! The best part is that it’s not permanent so when I’m done admiring my colorful Valentine heart, I can pack away the ornaments until next Christmas. I’m sharing my tips on how to create your own ornament heart.

How to make a Christmas Ornament Valentine Heart Screen /

Who said Christmas ornaments are just for Christmas? To know me is to know I have a weakness for vintage ornaments so when I had to pack them away, I was a bit sad.

I started thinking there must be a way to use I found this old screen at an estate sale years ago with the idea to make an ornament Christmas tree.

Years went by, and that ornament Christmas tree never happened but I still had the screen sitting in my basement gathering dust.

How to make a Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen /

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How to Make a Christmas Ornament Valentine Heart Screen

  • Gather your favorite ornaments (I chose only ornaments with pink, red and silver)
  • Start with the top center ornament
  • Add a second ornament centered where you want the bottom of the heart to end
  • Fill in the rest of the outline of the heart (see photo below)
  • Starting from the bottom outline, keep adding ornaments
  • As you get near the top, you will have to lift the upper outline ornaments to fit the lower ornaments underneath
  • Fill in any gaps with smaller ornaments

Note: if you don’t have an old screen, you can find new screens here.

How to make a Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen - you have to see the filled in finished heart! /

This ornament heart makes my heart go pitter patter and I love the idea of being able to keep my Christmas ornaments out long past Christmas!

How to make a Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen - love the vintage shiny brite ornaments /

It deserves all the heart eyes emojis!

How to make a Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen /

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day decorator but I am loving this so much. It certainly helps to brighten up these dark, gray, winter days.

How to make a Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen /

Old ornaments and pom pom garland makes everything better and my spring mantel is making these cold winter months more bearable.

Valentine mantel with a DIY ornament heart! /

Before you pack away those ornaments, consider making your own and if you’ve packed them away already it’s time to quickly run down to your basement or up into your attic and gather up all of your ornaments!

If you make one, please email a pic to me – I’d love to see!

Beautiful spring mantel with a heart made out of vintage Christmas ornaments! /

Have you ever used Christmas ornaments for something other than Christmas?

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Love this! My husband’s birthday is Valentine’s Day so would love to make this but my only problem is I’ve packed away all my Christmas ornaments and I don’t have a collection of Shiny Brights.

  2. Cute. I spy quite a few ornaments I’d admire on my family’s Christmas tree when I was little. And that screen – I have a stash saved from after having new windows installed two years ago, never again needing to deal with the “storms and screens” task.

  3. Only creative you could have thought to make this beautiful heart, did Sushi help,or just admire? You have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh my goodness! So lovely! I, too, have a huge affinity for the vintage ornaments. And as a matter of fact, at an estate sale yesterday there was an entire box of red ones! I may go back to get them today and then delve into my huge collection and pick out the red and pink ones! I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for your inspiration! I love to see your ideas for decor. Take good care. Happy Valentines Day!! ❤️

  5. This is so beautiful. What a fantastic idea! Now I think you MUST do a christmas tree version this year. On of my fav mantels you have done so far!

  6. everything you do is wonderful I just love looking at your stuff you are so talented I just wanted you to know that.

  7. I love the valentine screen I am going to try this!! Any ideas for easter? Maybe an easter bunny? An american flag for the 4th of july?? Please share your thoughts. Shellt

  8. Kelly, I have been in LOVE with this ornament Christmas heart for about 3 yeasrs, butI have not been able to find suitable ornaments. Until this year, this past Christmas I found some! They are not quite as cute and varied as you have, but they will do.
    Now I am ready to make the heart, but cannot find your instructions for how to anchor the ornaments to the screen. Could you please email instructions or tell me where to find that?
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Antonelli

    1. How exciting Elizabeth! The instructions are spelled out in the post – just use ornament hangers to attach ornaments to the screen. It’s not permanent which is the best part since you won’t damage the ornaments.

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