Christmas UnDecorating Tips

Taking down Christmas decorations is just as much fun as putting them up … said no one ever! If you love decorating for Christmas but dread the thought of Christmas undecorating, you’re not alone. Warning: you won’t find perfectly packed and labeled bins or expensive storage solutions here. Instead, I’m sharing my tried and true, quick and easy ways to take down and store Christmas decorations.

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If you’ve seen my past 13 Christmas Home Tours, you know I have a lot of Christmas stuff and that is just the tip of the ice burg!

Leave the Tree for Last

Taking down all the decorations isn’t as overwhelming when it’s done in stages plus I love being able to enjoy the glow of the tree through the new year. Who said you have to keep the box your tree comes in?

I like these heavy duty Christmas tree storage bags.

These are my absolute favorite ornament storage boxes. I love that the stacking boxes are removable so you can see what you have at a glance.

Shiny Brite Christmas Tree /

Pile it On

I gather all of my decorations on my kitchen table where I can see everything in one spot. This makes it much easier to store similar items together.

I Hate Big Bins

I’ve been transitioning to these 56 quart clear bins and they are a game changer! The smaller size means I can find what I need without having to rummage through huge amounts of stuff and they are easier to carry up and down my basement stairs.

Tip: Repurpose egg cartons which make perfect storage containers for smaller ornaments and plastic cups lined with tissue paper do too!

Label Bins

You don’t need a label maker or special stickers to label your bins. Repurpose Christmas cards, or any other paper you have on hand, by writing down what’s inside each bin and sticking it on top (you’ll never search have to search through bins for that Christmas tree topper again)!

I do have some large bins for bigger, bulkier items if I If you’re an over achiever, you could even label your bins so you don’t even have to open them to know what’s inside.

I Love these Perfectly Sized Clear Bins with Lids

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Use Decorations to Store Breakables

Soft things make great “wrap” for breakables. I stored Santa mugs in our stockings and use Christmas dish towels to wrap around my cookie jar collection.

Smart Storage

I store anything that isn’t too precious or breakable in plastic gallon bags, keeping like things together. The clear bags make it easy to see what you have at a glance and you can stack the bags into clear bins.

Christmas Storage Solutions - love the idea of using gallon zip loc bags for storing things #christmasstorage #christmasornaments #christmasdecorations #christmasorganizing #vintagechristmas

Weed Out

Your future self will thank you if you take this time to gather up decorations that you no longer love or use and add them to the donation pile.

If you haven’t used it in two years, chances are you never will.


These are my new favorite LED string lights that have 8 settings from steady to lots of twinkle effects!

Lots of people tell you to wrap string lights around pieces of cardboard but I just wrap each strand into a circle (wrap around your thumb and elbow), then place each strand into a bin (I can fit four strands per layer), adding a paper bag between each layer.

Don’t Store Everything

Candles, faux evergreens, little trees, garlands, string lights, and mercury glass will help warm up your house during those dark winter months.

Pack away anything that screams Christmas and keep things around that are winter friendly.

String lights in glass jars make the perfect winter decoration

My little ceramic house village will be sticking around for awhile.

See How I Made These Doodle Houses Here

DIY Doodle Houses - love these little ceramic Christmas houses

The house seems very empty without the abundance of Christmas decorations but I’m happy to have a fresh slate.

Here’s to making Christmas undecorating less of a chore.

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  1. Love the idea of using dishcloths to wrap my Santa mugs and using stockings too. Thanks for all the tips.

    Happy New Year

  2. Bins are a lifesaver and I need to invest in a couple more and the few cardboard boxes I use are about to fall apart. Don’t know why, they are only about 40 years old!

  3. This post came at the perfect time. I’m about to start taking down all my decorations and this was very helpful. Thank you for the helpful advice!

  4. I have five stockings that would be perfect to store things in, i hang them up every year and put them away but, this year i will use them to store stuff in, you are so smart, just the little ideas you give us really help. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!!!

    1. I always leave all my decorations up until a few days after New Years Day. I love the lights and festive feel over the New Year. I store everything by each room and all my ornaments by color.

  5. I use color coded bins. One color for outside, one color for kitchen, one for downstairs, and one color for upstairs. It started because my husband wanted β€œhis” outside lights first and was frustrated looking for them. If you don’t want to color the whole bin just put a colored piece of tape on them, it is much faster than labels.

  6. The tree storage bag have you ever put it in an attic or somewhere that gets hot and how did it do?

    Thank you

    1. I use the tree storage bags and they are stored in our unfinished section of our attic. They do just fine. We have had these bags for at the least ten years and all is well. FYI, we live in Kentucky so it is both hot and cold in our attic.

  7. Thanks Kelly I like the idea of smaller containers especially for tree ornaments and small stuff. I loaded my dishwasher unloaded, sat down to eat, and can’t get up,lol!! Maybe tomorrow I will be more productive, you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  8. Thank you for all the great ideas! I think I need an ornament box like you have. This year I made a list of what came out of my bins so putting everything back went super smooth this year. 😊

  9. Great tips! Thanks, Kelly! I use clear bins and use card stock to make my label and just slip it in the bin on the side of the bin that will face out. Then I can read what is in there before taking it down. I do keep things that are not Christmas-specific out until spring and put them in a bin that is labeled winter decorations. It is the first bin I get out in the fall.

  10. These are great tips Kelly and I’m happy to say I do them too! I was proud of myself because this year I donated some items to make room for items I got as gifts. Happy New Year to you and your family and Sushi too!

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