The Most Stunning Shiny Brite Christmas Trees

If you have a weakness for vintage, colorful, Shiny Brite ornaments, then you are going to love these Shiny Brite Christmas trees that are DRIPPING with the most stunning ornaments.

Shiny Brite Christmas Tree  dripping with 1400 vintage ornaments! /

1,400 Shiny Brite Ornament Tree

No branch was neglected during the trimming of this tree that has over 1,400 Shiny Brites dangling from its branches! Antique mercury glass garland is the perfect finishing touch.

Collection of unsilvered striped Christmas ornaments on a tree /

Unsilvered Striped Ornament Tree

Have you heard of “unsilvered” ornaments?

This tree is covered in a huge assortment of striped, “unsilvered” Shiny Brites. Most vintage ornaments are “silvered” meaning their interiors were coated in a silver solution that made the ornaments shiny. However, during World War II, metal was too precious to be wasted on Christmas ornaments so they were “unsilvered” clear glass that you can see through.

Tinsel and vintage ornament covered Christmas tree

Nostalgic Tinsel and Vintage Ornament Tree

“To me, Christmas is a time for nostalgia and magic. Some of these ornaments date back to the 1940’s which is incredible!!! Each is so unique and holds many memories of Christmases past,” says Erika.

Old fashioned Christmas tree with vintage Shiny Brite ornaments and brown paper packages tied up with string /

Brown Paper Packages Vintage Ornament Tree

This tree is perfectly at home in an antique saltbox house with a pile of old fashioned brown paper packages tied up with string underneath.

Stunning white Christmas tree with vintage Shiny Brite ornaments /

White Shiny Brite Tree

Colorful Shiny Brites really pop against a white Christmas tree tree!

Rainbow Christmas tree /

Rainbow Shiny Brite Tree

Speaking of white Christmas trees! This whimsical tree is a rainbow of Shiny Brites.

Gorgeous vintage ornament Christmas tree with Shiny Brites and bows /

Vintage Ornament & Bow Tree

When Jordan started collecting vintage Shiny Brites, she didn’t realize it would become an addition! She built up her collection over the years and finally had enough to cover her entire tree!

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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with tinsel and vintage ornaments /

Sparse Vintage Ornament & Glass Garland Tree

Don’t let a lack of ornaments stop you from decorating a tree. This sparse tree proves that less is sometimes more as each ornament is able to be fully appreciated and tinsel adds a magical touch.

Plain Shiny Brite Ornament tree /

Plain Shiny Brite Tree

“I have been wanting to decorate a tree with all my plain Shiny Brite ornaments for awhile now. I find that I often relegate them to long term storage in favor of the more showy varieties. But I am drawn to their simplicity and bright, gumball-like colors. I am so glad they finally got their chance to shine,” says Leben about his stunning tree.

Pink and blue vintage ornament tree in blue transferware /

Pretty in Pink Vintage Ornament Tree

It’s always fun to decorate a tree in your favorite color and this pink ornament tree pairs perfectly with a collection of vintage blue transferware.

Tabletop tinsel trees covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments /

Vintage Shiny Brite Tabletop Trees

If you don’t have enough ornaments to cover a full size tree, cover a tabletop tree (or three!) in Shiny Brites. Putting them in decorative ceramic and silver pots elevates the look.

Stunning Christmas tree covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments /

My Shiny Brite Tree

I covered my tree with my collection of Shiny Brites and it’s my favorite tree of all time!

Pair of sparse Christmas trees covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments /

Pair of Shiny Brite Trees

Years ago, I put a pair of Christmas trees in my dining room and I loved the look so much, it’s a tradition I look forward to every year! The dining room is the place where we linger over comfort food, candlelight and conversation so I thought a tree (or two) would be perfect in here.

Love this pair of Christmas trees in the dining room covered in vintage ornaments /

Have I convinced you to start a collection of vintage Shiny Brites to spruce up your Christmas tree (if you haven’t already)?

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  1. I have only about 6 left that were my Grandparents and I broke 1 this year. I was so sad, but luckily I still have some left. I love the little history lesson about the metal. So interesting and I love learning new things. Thank you Kelly!

  2. You always have such interesting things to say. I have 4 shiny brites that I have from my mom’s collection of Christmas. They are all silver with stripes. Those trees were so pretty with all those shiny brites on them.

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