Favorite Sparse Christmas Trees

Every year, the number one questions I’m asked is, “Where did you get your sparse Christmas trees?” I LOVE SPARSE CHRISTMAS TREES because there is plenty of room between the branches to show off treasured ornaments! The secret is out because it seems like everyone is loving sparse Christmas trees (including me for the past seven years) and I am excited to share sparse Christmas tree inspiration plus the best, most realistic, top rated, and most affordable Christmas trees for you (I update my source list every year so you can be sure to find your favorite)!

This post is part of my Christmas tree decorating series. See more in the links below …

Tinsel Covered Trees Are Back!

Ribbon & Bow Christmas Trees

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There is nothing like the real thing this real sparse Christmas tree from Vintage Society Co. is the inspiration for all the artificial trees shared in this post. The chunky wool blanket as a tree skirt looks like snow.

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Click Here to see the viral Christmas tree everyone is talking about!

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I’ve always wanted a fresh Silver Tip Christmas tree because they have the most stunning, spaced out branches that are perfect for displaying ornaments. The fact that they grow high in the mountains of Oregon and California means they are difficult to come by for this east coast girl. So for the past few years, I’ve been decorating with sparse Christmas trees because I love their imperfect shapes which makes them look much more natural in my humble opinion.

If you’re searching for your own sparse Christmas tree, fear not! I’m sharing some of my favorite sparse Christmas trees below including full size and table top trees, flocked and plain trees, green and tinsel trees, pre-lit and unlit trees. Order early to make sure you get your sparse Christmas tree with plenty of time to enjoy it!

This flocked sparse tree needs nothing more than a few paper snowflake ornaments to make it shine.

Flocked Sparse Christmas Tree

Stunning sparse Christmas tree flocked with white ornaments

Here is a stunning Silver Tip tree in all it’s natural glory!

Silver Tip Christmas Tree

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Tone on Tone shows us that less is way more when he planted this live little tree in an antique urn and decorated it with mercury glass ornaments.

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree in Urn

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful real tree minimally decorated in with mercury glass ornaments kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #kellyelko

Clip on candles and string lights create a warm glow in Dear Lillie’s bedroom.

Candle Christmas Tree

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree minimally decorated in lights and candles kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

Far Above Rubies gets her trees from the woods surrounding her home and this Hemlock is the prettiest Charlie Brown tree I’ve ever seen decked out in vintage tinsel and Shiny Brites.

Vintage Tinsel Tree

Love this real sparse Hemlock Christmas tree with vintage tinsel and ornaments kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #farmhousechristmas

Brooklyn Limestone keeps it simple with a wood bead garland on her flocked tree.

Flocked Tree with Bead Garland

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree minimally decorated with wood bead garland kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

If one tree is good, two is way better and I especially love the way My 100 Year Old Home turned vintage wood crates into tree skirts brimming with ornaments.

Vintage Crate Christmas Trees

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love these beautiful trees with vintage crates as tree skirts kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #kellyelko

Shop My Favorite Sparse Christmas Trees

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I love the vintage green ornaments, including a beautiful tree topper, on Faded Charm Living’s tree.

Vintage Christmas Tree

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree with green and silver vintage ornaments kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

These trees are especially welcome in homes that don’t have space for massive trees. I love that this type of tree is equally gorgeous in a farmhouse as it is a modern home and everything in between.

This tree gets festive with touches of red, black and white and how fun is the antique piano bench turned Christmas tree stand from Adams and Elm Home.

Antique Piano Stand Christmas Tree

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree with an antique piano stool tree skirt kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

My friend Doreen of Hymns and Verses bought the same tree as the two I have in my dining room! I love the way you can see the bark between each branch and how her color scheme carries down to her beautifully wrapped gifts.

Whimsical Sparse Christmas Tree

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree minimally decorated in red, white and black kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

Just look at the way the ornaments pop between the branches of this tree! It seems like there was a memo passed around where everyone, including Emily Henderson, decided to decorate their trees in black, white and red!

Vintage Modern Christmas Tree

15 Sparse Christmas Trees - love this beautiful tree decorated in red, white and black kellyelko.com #christmas #christmastree #sparsechristmastree #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmasedecorating #christmasdecoratingideas #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #neutralchristmas #silvertip #kellyelko

Now let’s take a look at my sparse Christmas trees including the pair in my dining room. I covered them with vintage Shiny Brite ornaments last year and love how all sides of the ornaments can be seen.

Shiny Brite Christmas Trees

Shiny Brite Christmas Dining Room - love the fun retro look of this table and trees kellyelko.com #shinybrites #vintagechristmas #christmasdecor #christmastree #christmasornaments #christmaslights #christmastable #christmasdinigroom #retrochristmas

I’ve had this little feather tree for years (in fact, I have two) and love displaying small ornaments on it. Vintage Pepsi bottles create a “tree skirt” which makes it the perfect kitchen counter tree.

Soda Bottle Tree Skirt Feather Tree

Red teal Christmas kitchen kellyelko.com #christmas #christmaskitchen #christmastree #christmasdecor #vintagechristmas #christmasdecorations

Although not quite as sparse, this Christmas tree is very realistic looking because of its irregular shape. I decked out the tree with over 1600 string lights, clip on candle lights and hundreds of my treasured vintage Shiny Brite ornaments.

You can read more about my realistic looking Christmas tree in this post.

Stunning sparse Christmas tree covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments kellyelko.com

Here’s my little Charlie Brown tree complete with tiny little pine cones. I added a flock of bright red cardinals.

Beautiful little tree decorated with a flock of red cardinal ornaments kellyelko.com #christmastree #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #farmhousechristmas #christmasornaments #cardinals #kellyelko

I love the realistic look of sparse trees and I’m sharing my favorite and most highly rated sparse trees below.

My Favorite Sparse Christmas Trees

click on each pic to see more

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  1. These are hands down my favorite kind of trees. My mamma always called them a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. I think my parents got these because they were about all they could afford. Some years we’d even go an borrow one from the woods out back. We decorated them with a box of old ornaments and lights from the attic and then usually we would make some homemade ornaments. Thanks for reminding me of the gold old days. Simple and just about perfect!

      1. I’ve never had a sparse tree until this year. How can I apply the lights? I hadn’t considered all the areas where wires would show up.

  2. I love the trees that are a bit more sparse. My family has an Annual Christmas Tree Hunt, where we drive up to the National Forest in Idaho (permits in had of course 😉 ) and cut down our trees. It is always an adventure.

  3. I’m inspired !
    My collection of ornament gets lost every year on a “full” tree. Now I know what to do

  4. They are all beautiful, i don’t care how a tree may look, when decorated for Christmas i think they are all beautiful and love all the differences in the way people decorate them. Thank you that was fun to see.

  5. I like a sparse tree, too. I giggled when I scrolled to the very last of your Favorite Sparse Christmas Trees;) Great post! Merry Christmas, Kelly!

  6. Luv all the Xmas decor
    I’ve been collecting cardinals off & on when I can find them/ they stay up all year long
    Where did you get the ones to put on the Charlie Brown tree??? Would luv to find these / thks Donna

  7. I just came across this. We are from CA and just moved to SC. My favorite tree is a Noble fir but ca not find anywhere here! Probably because they too are in CA and OR. What kind of tree do you get on the East coast that’s sparse? Thank you!

    1. We don’t really have sparse trees on the east coast Jennifer but I did manage to find one at my local Christmas tree stand. I assume they shipped them in from somewhere else. Go faux, that’s what I do!

      1. Our tree stand had a few of these “sparse “ trees, in Charleston, SC. They referred to them as European or Old Fashioned Christmas Trees. I fad to get one. I’ve never seen trees this pretty. Here it is all about the bushy Frazier Fir.

  8. Kelly…Great post, this takes me down memory lane. Living in Northern California, until 3 yrs ago, now in GA. We would get a tree permit from the U.S.Forest Service and go out to find the perfect tree. Anything
    above 5,000Ft. elevation was the best. Very sturdy branches to hold lots of ornaments. Thank you !

  9. I already bought me one for this year and can’t wait to decorate, thanks for these ideas. I am doing nothing today but cleaning up after and resting, hopefully tomorrow i will feel like getting my trees out at least and maybe getting them up, ha!ha!ha! You have a good weekend,xxx.

    1. Marlene! I have finished my decorating and my Christmas tour is Monday! Today, I have been purging all the old Christmas stuff I no longer want and selling it on Facebook. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving

  10. Love your pics of Sparse trees. We just got an 8 foot real alpine. What is best way to put lights in a sparse tree?

  11. I loved seeing all these ideas! I love your 2 trees in the dining room. Must be stunning to see at night! I also love your cardinal tree!

  12. Love the look of sparse trees. I call them Alpine trees. Is your cardinal tree one in the list of your favorite faux sparse trees? I can’t seem to find it amongst those you pictured.

  13. Kelly just found your sparse trees. Love them! Can you source for me the center and right trees on the first row of samples? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  14. I love Christmas trees no matter how sparse or full they are, no matter how many decorations. They all look beautiful when you turn on those lights and they glow so beautifully. I did buy a sparse one last year. Thanks Kelly they are lovely ideas.

  15. We always called them Charlie Brown Christmas trees! A longtime favorite of mine. I guess it started in my childhood as this was the tree my mom always picked. I think they do allow for more room to show the ornaments. I always decorate our with antique glass ornaments that we have collected over the years. So looking forward to Christmas this year!

  16. Good morning. My mother really likes one of the spares trees that you had posted. Where can she purchase a Christmas tree at?

      1. Seeing your email in my mailbox this morning made my day, please keep them coming. Beautiful trees. Have a Happy Thanksgiving🦃

  17. Seeing your email in my mailbox this morning made my day, please keep them coming. Beautiful trees. Have a Happy Thanksgiving🦃

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