Shiny Brite Christmas – Creative Display Ideas

Calling all vintage Shiny Brite ornament lovers! I’ve searched all the way up to the North Pole to find the most creatively amazing ways to display your favorite ornaments. These Shiny Brite decorating ideas are Santa approved.

Shiny Brite ornaments were created by American businessman Max Eckardt in 1937. They are hand painted so no two are alike and their aged patina can’t be seen in new ornaments.

Don’t miss this fun little video below showing off some of my favorite Shiny Brites from my huge collection.

Shiny Brite Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas - love this old trough filled with hundreds of vintage ornaments /

My dining room is a Shiny Brite wonderland with the star of the table being an old zinc trough brimming with Shiny Brites for a Santa approved centerpiece.

HINT: I added a throw blanket to the bottom of the trough so all of my ornaments can be seen.

Loose vintage ornament centerpiece by Parker Kennedy /

Shiny Brite Centerpiece – I love this look of a displaying a loose collection of vintage ornaments as a centerpiece. Set against a vibrant green tablecloth and pink napkins, it’s so preppy chic!

Says Parker Kennedy, “I decided to use all my antique & glass Christmas tree ornaments as a runner down the center of our dining table. I think I have too many ornaments! But I’m glad I do because this would had never happened!”

Loose collection of vintage ornaments as a fun centerpiece /

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I am always on the hunt for vintage Shiny Brite ornaments and I scored big time on Facebook Marketplace as you can see!

The jackpot of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments! /

Huge centerpiece of vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments

My ornament dish towels (I love using them as napkins) are sold out but these Shiny Brite dish towels are equally beautiful on a Christmas table.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments /

As you can see, Cloverly Cottage loves Shiny Brite ornaments as much as I do and she even stores them in the original boxes!

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments like this old wood chicken crate filled with ornaments

Chicken Crate Ornament Display – Her wood chicken crate brimming with Shiny Brites is definitely not for the birds! She used mostly plain ornaments as filler for the crate and saved the beautifully stenciled ones for the tree.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments like this GIANT ornament wreath

HUGE Shiny Brite Wreath – This jaw dropping 4 foot Shiny Brite ornament wreath is incredible and every December James of The Cavender Diaries assembles it on a wreath form. He doesn’t use any glue because it would be too large and fragile to move so every March, he removes each and every ornament! I would be tempted to keep it up all year long.

If you don’t have enough ornaments to make your own wreath, you can buy one of these beautiful affiliate vintage ornament wreaths.

Ornaments in a birdcage /

Birdcage Ornaments – this idea is for the birds! If you have a wire container of any kind, it’s a great place to display ornaments because they can be easily seen.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments like hanging from this plate wall

Shiny Brite Plate Wall – How fun is this plate wall decked out with vintage ornaments and sprigs of greenery from Lisa Horton.

Screen Door Ornament Tree /

Screen Ornament Christmas Tree – repurpose an old screen into the perfect backdrop for hanging vintage ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments like this ornament tree hung on an old bedspring #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #christmaswreath #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #shinybrites #vintageornaments #ornaments #christmastree

Bedspring Christmas Tree – If you don’t have a screen, use an old bedspring to hang your favorite Shiny Brites.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments like these clear glass jars filled with faux snow and ornaments #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #christmaswreath #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #shinybrites #vintageornaments #ornaments #christmastree

Ornament Jars – Pour faux snow (use epsom salts or plain salt) into jars then add Shiny Brites! This would be a fabulous centerpiece too.

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments including the original boxes #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #christmaswreath #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #shinybrites #vintageornaments #ornaments

Shiny Brite Box Display – When the boxes are as cool as the ornaments themselves, you put those Shiny Brite boxes on display!

Vintage Shiny Brite box display

Shiny Brite Ornament Box – Speaking of displaying ornament boxes, I love the way Cloverhouse Vintage displayed this ornament box filled with vintage ornaments inside a bowl also filled with ornaments!

Festive pink Christmas tree covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments

Shiny Brite Pink Tree – My friend Amy at Atta Girl Says loves pink and aqua and displays her favorite colored ornaments on a festive pink tree!

Jumbo Store Display Shiny Brite Ornament /

Jumbo Shiny Brite Ornament – I am desperate to find a jumbo Shiny Brite ornament that stores used for display like this one from Hilary Prall.

Shiny Brite Christmas Tree /

Guess how many ornaments are on this tree dripping in vintage Shiny Brites? If you guessed 1,400, you win a lump of coal! This tree illustrates the fact that sometimes, Shiny Brites look best showed off on a tree.

This tree covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments is spectacular! #shinybrite #shinybrites #vintagechristmas #vintageornaments #vintagechristmasornaments #retrochristmas #oldfashionedchristmas #vintagedecor #diychristmas #christmastree #vintagechristmastree #ornaments #christmasornaments #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #farmhousechristmas

See my Shiny Brite tree decorating tips here

Last year, I covered this huge tree with my entire collection of Shiny Brites! The key is to hang ornaments deep within the branches as well as on the tips for a full, lush and colorful look. Don’t for the lights! I strung 1600 lights from this tree and it positively glows. Add a colorful throw blanket around the base of the tree to finish off the look.

Christmas ornament Valentine heart screen #valentine #valentinescraft #valentinesday #heart #christmasornaments #ornaments #shinybrites #diycraft #valentinedecor

How to Make Ornament Heart Here

When Christmas is over and it’s time to pack up your precious ornaments, don’t shed a tear. Do what I did and make an ornament heart!

I recommend scouring estate sales (I love looking in basements and garages) for these beauties. Prices have definitely increased recently but deals are still out there!

Just some of her amazing collection of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments #shinybrite #shinybrites #vintageornaments #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #oldfashionedchristmas #retrochristmas #farmhousechristmas #colorfulchristmas

Do you collect Shiny Brites or is a new collection in your future?

If you are searching for a certain type, Etsy has tons of beautiful vintage ornaments.

Huge collection of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments - love the Santa ornament

One of my favorite ornaments is this jolly old St. Nick!

I love a sparse Christmas tree for showing off special ornaments. The branches are spaced to allow the ornaments to hang freely.

See My Favorite Sparse Christmas Trees Here

Tour my Christmas Home here

Shiny Brite Decorating Ideas - the most creative ideas for displaying Christmas ornaments #vintagechristmas #christmasornaments #christmaswreath #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #shinybrites #vintageornaments #ornaments #christmastree

More Christmas Decorating Ideas Here

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  1. Thank you, Kelly, for giving these cherished treasures their worthy spot front and center in your decor! I’ve been a fan and collector of vintage ornaments, Santa’s and figurines for years as they bring back such memories of my childhood Christmases in the 60’s. Made my day—thank you!

  2. Wonderful post- so much eye candy! You have given me a goal for the new year, which is to collect shiny brites so I can do an old fashioned tree like I had growing up – shiny brites, tinsel & colored lites – no more themed trees for me!

  3. After those first few pictures are you sure there is any left? I started collecting them when i was gifted with mom’s old ones, love them, thanks lots of ideas.

  4. Love all of these fun ideas for different ways to use this favorite vintage treasure!!! I’m such a fan of Nancy’s classic style & Jeremy’s whimsical Christmas displays. Thank you for sharing my photos Kelly! Wishing you happy holidays!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing my shiny brights in jars, but I have to concede to my friend Heidi, the queen of the shines brights! Thanks again and Merry Christmas ?

  6. Thanks for sharing my Bedspring Shiny Brite tree, Kelly! This year it’s going aqua to switch it up a bit! I love color blocking my Shiny Brites for a whole new look! Merry Christmas!

  7. Beautiful, all those ways to display Shiny Brites, thanks for these ideas and that Christmasy feeling just seeing all of it. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family,xxx.

  8. I just love them all, beautiful. You really did score! Your trees are beautiful. Is it possible to get your chalkboard print, as big as yours?
    Or close? Without the houses (if I can afford it)
    I have loved this since you put it in your mantel! It is perfect!!
    Thanks I live Susi too soooo cute

  9. This is a beautiful! There is no way there would be a motherlode of SB’s in Cleveland, at least not where I live. Just onesies and twosies thrifting. But, hey, that’s how you build a collection. I have my childhood ornaments so they are a good start. Thanks for sharing! And where did that cool living room rug come from?

  10. Hello Kelly,
    I just came across your site while researching the best way to store a large vintage Christmas ornament collection. I live in Arizona, so the garage isn’t an option. Shiny Brites and 118 degree temperatures don’t mix. Many of my vintage ornaments fortunately still have the original boxes, but just as many don’t. It is refreshing to see that my passion and addiction is also shared with others. Your site is an inspiration. You are very creative. I look forward to other posts on your site. Fyi, are you familiar with The Glow magazine? If not, check it out.

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