Thrifting Diaries – November (Christmas Edition!)

Welcome to Kelly’s Thrifting Diaries November – Christmas Edition! I’m on a thrifting roll and Facebook Marketplace has rewarded me once again with a great find, or should I say 103 great finds! The thrift shop gods also smiled on me and I found even more vintage Christmas stuff including something that made a complete mess in my car!

Huge vintage collection of Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments #shinybrite #vintageornaments #vintagechristmas #vintagecollection #christmasornaments #christmasdecor

Forget the old saying, “you can never be too rich or too thin” because I’m officially changing it to “you can never have too many vintage ornaments.” The seller had priced each ornament individually but I made her an offer for the whole shebang. After some tense negotiations, she accepted my offer and I enlisted my sister to pick up my score because she lives close to the seller.

Just like Bubba Gump can name an infinite number of ways to cook shrimp, there are just as many ways to display these beautiful old ornaments which is why I think you can never have too many. You can hang them from a tree, create a one of a kind wreath, display them in bowls, jars or just about any other vessel you can think of, tie them to napkins for a beautiful place setting, fry them … oh wait, that’s for shrimp not ornaments.

Click here to see my Favorite Creative Ways to Display Ornaments

Huge vintage collection of Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments #shinybrite #vintageornaments #vintagechristmas #vintagecollection #christmasornaments #christmasdecor

If all those vintage ornaments weren’t enough, I also scored some great vintage Christmas finds at the thrift store …

I screamed, “what the flock” (I apologize to the mother of the baby I startled) when I spotted a flocked Christmas tree as soon as I walked into the thrift store. Now, every time I get into my Jeep, I’ll be covered in little bits of white flocking but that’s the price one pays for being a thrifting diva. I made a little video of the tree in my Instagram stories here.

Why oh why do thrift store workers insist on putting price stickers on the front of boxes! Luckily I was able to peel it off of this vintage Shiny Brite box and I guess I should count my blessings that they didn’t commit the ultimate sin … write the price with a Sharpie! Of course these ornaments can’t compare to the others I found but I love that they came in the original box. Can you spot the thing that doesn’t belong? A random red ornament snuck into the box.

If you’re looking for a particular color or design, you can also find a beautiful assortment of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments here.

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Thrifting Diaries - love the original Shiny Brite box and the purple ornaments #shinybrites #vintagechristmas #thrifting #vintageornaments #vintage

These vintage bottle brush trees were stuffed into a little box. After I spend 12 hours picking off all the fuzz balls and tinsel, they’ll be good as new.

I can’t believe the color selection of these old bottle brush trees here.

Thrifting Diaries - love the little bottle brush trees with red bases #bottlebrushtrees #vintagechristmas #thrifting #vintage

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This is Ho Ho Ho fabulous! I can’t get enough of this vintage Santa rug that Kate Pierce Vintage found at the thrift store for, wait for it … 95 cents!

Vintage Santa Rug #santa #santarug #vintagesanta #vintagechristmas #vintagedecor #vintagestyle #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating

Don’t miss my October Thrifting Diaries here because I scored some doozies!

Meanwhile, I’m on the hunt for vintage Santa mugs that are as elusive as Sasquatch, to add to my collection (of one)! Fingers crossed I’ll find some on my next thrifting outing. In the meantime, I have these Santa mugs which I love and I just bought these adorable Santa measuring cups.

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  1. I love displaying mercury glass ornaments in a lovely cut glass hurricane or in my antique crystal punch bowl on a bed of holiday greens!

  2. I would luv to find the Shiny Brite’s. I look at all the estate sales & thrift stores when I go to Missouri every year in the Spring thru Summer..
    I would put them in a big dough bowl with evergreens & some in a covered glass container
    Thanks for all your sharing – luv Xmas time

  3. Kelly, you hit the vintage jackpot! Those are wonderful finds!! I love to display my vintage ornaments in a jar on a bed of mica snow next to my paper Christmas houses.

  4. I would LOVE to have these ornaments! One of my trees, I decorate with all my handmade and vintage ornaments from childhood, and these would be a PERFECT addition! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. You scored big time 🙌🏻 There’s nothing better than finding Vintage Christmas decor at the thrift store (and FB marketplace 😉)
    I’d add some new Shiny Brites to my chicken crate, it wasn’t quite full enough last year 😉 or I also have a huge glass jar that I’m going to put some in this year. Good luck with the Santa Mug hunt 🎅🏻

  6. I love Shiny Brite ornaments! I have a few I have collected. Some were my grandmother’s and some are from thrift stores. I display mine on a silver Christmas tree. Please keep the vintage Christmas going.

  7. I have some shiny brites that I display on a round metal ornament display. It has some hooks just for hanging ornaments. We have 2 rambunctious puppies, so I’m not outting them on the actual tree.

  8. I have vintage ornaments on my tree that belonged to my grandmother, so these could go into a pair of clear vases on my mantel, where kids and dogs wouldn’t put them at risk!

  9. Depending on the color I’d display them in a bowl in my daughters redecorated room (she’s been at college)

  10. I love your post and your love for all things vintage. If I were to be lucky enough to own such beautiful ornaments, I would display them on a beautiful ribbon garland so that each ornament could be admired individually!

  11. Love your vintage Christmas ornaments, Kelly! I would display them in a vintage blue tonka pickup truck or one of my bell jars.

  12. If I was the lucky recipient of a few selected pieces of your Shiny Brite ornaments, I would display them on individual ornament display stands for all my holiday guests to admire from every angle.

  13. If I was the lucky recipient of a few selected pieces of your Shiny Brite ornaments, I would display them on individual ornament display stands for all my holiday guests to admire from every angle.

  14. I would add them to my tree which is where I display all of my grandparents’ vintage ornaments. I absolutely love them all!

  15. I would have your beautiful ornaments join my collection — I have one display of vintage ornaments in the kitchen in a huge vintage Ball canning jar; I have another collection (my grandmother’s ornaments) in the center of the dining room table displayed in my grandmother’s crystal bowls.

  16. I love vintage Shiny Brite ornaments. I have three special wine glasses: one from my parents, and two from a long-ago wonderful date at Disney World, when the husband I were magically able to slip away for a magical evening alone. I would put one ornament in each, and display them on a windowsill.

  17. I love the older ornaments. I display all my vintage ornaments in my china cabinet.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  18. I have a small collection of vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments. I remember my grandmother’s tree being covered in them. I always loved laying under her tree and looking up in wonder.

  19. I would add the ornaments to my tree. This year I did my tree with ONLY vintage shiny Brite ornaments. I could use a few more. It’s lovely and shiny and I’m gazing at it right now.

  20. I have a bird cage on my living room table that I put pumpkins, flowers etc…change for the season, and the ornaments would look lovely in the cage!

  21. My husband made me a big tool box. This fall I painted it black and it sits on our large bar. I would put them all in that box and treasure them forever!

  22. I have just recently, (last year), started to collect shiny brites, from the thrift store. I display them in crystal bowls ( also found in thrift stores) scattered around my home. Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

  23. Kelly you are such an inspiration! I wish I had ($$$$) half the energy you have to get things done. Right now I use all my vintage ornaments to decorate 2 small trees, but as we all have learned this becomes an addiction and there is never enough of them or can we pass them by. I am particularly fond of the style of ornaments that decorated my parents trees when I was young. I think everyone has their favorite kind and I want another tree in my bedroom with only pastel colors and another with only blue ornaments to make a Dutch tree to commemorate that part of my heritage. Thank you for all that you give to us and thanks for this opportunity.

  24. These would be breathtaking in my very, very old, primitive hand carved dough bowl with a few sprigs of cypress & cedar! Stunning for sure!

  25. OHHHHHHH I would love to display my vintage ornament on my vintage 1970’s artificial tree !!!!
    Or string them and hang in a window….

  26. I’ve been trying to collect them for years now, without much success. I’d display them on a Christmas tree! My goal is to have enough to do en entire tree.

  27. Love this post! Thank you for sharing your ornament loot, too. I would display these in a wooden bowl in among pine cones and acorns collected at our farm, maybe with a pretty bow as well.

  28. Thank you for doing the giveaway. If I am so lucky to win the ornaments will go on my tree, which I look forward to putting up on November 1 every year.

  29. I have two that were from when my dad was a kid. I would display them with the two that I have in a pretty milk glass candy dish that I have!

  30. Love the vintage ornaments! I would put them in my wooden 7up or Coca Cola crate with a tree in the middle. I could also see them in my long and rectangular wooden pillar candle tray with some holiday greens – gorgeous with some flameless candles perched above them!

    Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration!


  31. Love the vintage ornaments! I would put them in my wooden 7up or Coca Cola crate with a tree in the middle. I could also see them in my long and rectangular wooden pillar candle tray with some holiday greens – gorgeous with some flameless candles perched above them!

    Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!


  32. Thank you for this chance, if i win i have an old feather tree that i hang some shiny brights on now , when my mom passed away she had 6 little ones and that’s what i hang on it, i could use 3 more. I love your bottle brush trees, you hit a gold mine.

  33. Last year, I hung an individual Shiny Britt ornament on white platters on an easel. I put 3 of them on my mantle. Simple but pretty. They belonged to my mother in law who died in October. Jennifer

  34. I display my vintage shiny brites on the tree and in glass jars around my home. I like to take six green mason jars, fill them with ornaments, arrange in a tree shape 3-2-1, add a star and a garland, and set it atop my dining room buffet. I am hugely inspired by your annual Christmas house tour that you post on your blog.

  35. I love Shiny Brite ornaments! I’ve been collecting them for years! I found a box at an antique store in my town last Christmas and they have an ombre effect, which I’d never seen before but had to have them!
    You understand ; ) I like to display mine on my mantle in glass hurricanes, as well as on smaller trees through out my house. I have a very old German tree topper I found in a box at my mother in laws after she passed away, which I LOVE! Gets my heart going seeing Shiny Brite! Thanks for sharing Kelly!!

  36. I would display the ornaments in my vintage gumball machine I picked up recently.
    Thanks for sharing your collection 😄😄

  37. I would display these lovely vintage ornaments in various size hurricane lamps nestled on top of a fireplace mantel. I may even throw a firefly light inside the display to captivate wondering eyes.

  38. I would display them in my long wooden trough on my dining room table. Mixed with fresh green too. Thanks for the chance to win. 🤞🏻

  39. Such fun finds! If I were to win I would display them in a pretty bowl so that they could “shine” on their own!

  40. Hi Kelly,

    My first thought was to tell you I would put up a second tree just for the Shiny Brites. Then, I realized, they would look wonderful in my collection of McCoy, Bauer and Shawnee pottery! So, that is what I would do – it would be so wonderful!

  41. I am starting to decorate a flocked Christmas tree with vintage ornaments so would add these shiny Brite a to my new tree!

    So jealous of your scores!!

  42. Would love an addition to my vintage Christmas items. I had a good collection of vintage santa mugs that met their doom thanks to naughty cats:( So no breakables on our tree. I’d display them in my grandma’s antique candy dishes…away from curious paws.

  43. Adore!! I’d put them in a glass hurricane/vase with mica snow for softness to protect and sparkle.
    I’m on the hunt for shiny brite boxes, too. My storage unit was broken into and stolen and what I miss are my vintage Christmas goodies. And, my (now grown) kids artwork. 🙁

  44. First of all Kelly all I want to say is I have the look of vintage on my tree because it brings me back when I was a little girl. I just love them . They are really beautiful on the tree . It give a twinkle from the lights to your eyes and to your smile. I would be flattered if I was one of the lucky ones to be picked for the vintage ornaments.

  45. I love vintage Christmas Ornaments, I have made beautiful wreaths with them and would find a wonderful place on a wreath for these gems

  46. I would add the ornaments to my collection from my grandparents and my husband’s as well. Switch it up every year with what I would do with them-hanging on a tree in my family room or likely in a centerpiece on my dining room table. Usually, lit up with little battery lights. The ornaments are one of my favorite-so unique. I love the “hunt” to find them.

  47. You found wonderful treasures Kelly! I would display the on my antique tea cart with twinkle lights wrapped around them.

  48. 😍😍😍 all your ornaments. I have a small collections. I would put them on my tree. I have some on my tree and then I like to out them in pretty vintage containers thru out my home.

  49. Love vintage ornaments! I found a Shiny Brite ornament garland last year and would love to add more to my collection to display on my tree!

  50. Depending on the color, I would either add them to my dining room tree which is a Winter Wonderland Tree in white, silver and shades of blue, my family room tree which a colorful Santa themed tree for my boys, or display them a mercury glass bowl!
    I love them because they remind me of my Grandmother’s gorgeous Christmas tree. She has long since passed, but her love of decorating lives on in me!

  51. I also have (the beginnings of) a shiny brite tree. I’ve been collecting them but the going is slow in my small town. I’d love to add a few more to my collection. Thanks for the great online resources.

  52. So lovely! Growing up we always decorated the tree with ornaments from my dads childhood. Every year my sister and I would pick out an ornament to add to our tree, but my favorites were always my dads old mercury glass ones. I’m always on the look out for a good set of vintage ornaments and these would absolutely end up on my tree for my little family to hopefully enjoy as much as I enjoyed the ones on my family tree as a kid.

  53. I would hang these on my tree. I have placed them in a vintage bowl from my Grandmother in the past.
    Love vintage. I have a collection from my Grandparents.
    A nice and thoughtful giveaway.

  54. Besides on the tree, I love displaying them right in the original boxes, they just don’t make them like they used to.

  55. I would displaythem on my family Christmas tree with all the ornaments I have collected over the years. My girls and I have purchased several vintage Christmas ornaments over the years and some of them are are most cherished.

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