Thrifting Diaries – October Haul

You can keep a girl out of the thrift stores but you can’t keep the thrift stores out of the girl! After some time feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have, I made a conscious decision to avoid getting even more stuff so I stayed away from thrift shops and estate sales. When a new thrift store opened nearby, the temptation was too great and I had to go to the grand opening. That taste of thrifting opened up the floodgates and soon I was driving 35 minutes to score something amazing I found on Facebook Marketplace before hitting a couple of local estate sales. Today, I’d love to share my thrifting diaries October haul as well as a lesson learned by the things that got away (I’m still having non-buyers remorse)!

Bingo was his Name-O!

How cool is this vintage Bingo score board I found on Facebook Marketplace. I have a thing for things with words and numbers. It’s a giant six feet long and I plan to hang it somewhere.

Thrifting Diaries October Haul - look at this giant vintage bingo score board! #vintage #vintagedecor #thrifting #vintagemodern #farmhousedecor #thriftingdiaries #kellyelko

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With my adrenaline pumping, I hit the estate sales. The first one yielded nothing and was super overpriced! I hit the jackpot at the second one and came home with this fabulous old green bread box and this colorful Ross Havers ladybug tray! I had never heard of Ross Havers before but was drawn to the colorful, graphic art of this 1970’s tray. I couldn’t find one for sale online but did find these adorable ladybug mugs.

Thrifting Diaries October Haul - love the green enamel bread box and vintage Ross Havers ladybug tray #vintage #vintagedecor #breadbox #thrifting #thriftstore #midcentury

The Ones That Got Away!

I consider myself an experienced thrifter but I made a rookie mistake when I left this vintage enamel lobster platter on the shelf. I rushed back the next morning for it but of course someone smarter than I am snatched it up. Still kicking myself, especially since it was only a few dollars.

Vintage enamel lobster tray #thrifting #thriftstore #vintage #vintagedecor #lobster #enamel

I have a collection of vintage state glasses and wanted to add this and a few others to my stash but the price was too high ($10 each). Sometimes you gotta be like Kenny Rogers and know when to walk away.

Vintage State Glasses #thrifting #thriftstore #maine #vintagedecor

I’ll be re-entering the world of thrift stores and estate sales but I plan to be super picky about what I bring into my house. After all, what’s the point in buying everything if there is no room to display it.

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What’s the best thing you ever scored at the thrift store and did you ever let something amazing get away?

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  1. That Maine glass looks like the ones I have, they are vintage/retro looking design wise but modern made. Mine are VERY similar to that glass but all places in Michigan. I bought them at a department store that closed last year. Original price was $10 each so I don’t think you missed out on that one.
    Prices at the Estate sales and thrift stores can get crazy high!

    1. How cool! This glass was definitely vintage – it was on the shelf with a few other state glasses. I agree, prices at thrift stores are out of control! This isn’t antiques roadshow after all!

  2. Still searching for that darling Hedgehog from HomeGoods! Maybe one day I’ll scoop one up at the thrift store!! 😉

  3. I love estate sales and you did good, love everything but that old bread box is a great color and so is your tray. Have fun!!

  4. Those Bingo score boards are so cool. I have loved and left behind so many good finds. I am definitely bad about not grabbing what I love when I first see it. My favorite find is a copper bowl for only $1. Its got some wear but thats what makes it so amazing! Thrift store prices have gotten way outta control. But I feel like everything everywhere has become super expensive.

  5. Read your blog this morning and went to Antique Mall in the afternoon. There was your lobster platter but it was $25!!

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