12 Extremely Unique Christmas Charcuterie Boards!

I love the simplicity of a charcuterie board any time of the year and they are especially festive during the holidays. If you love a unique Christmas charcuterie board, you are in for a treat because I’ve gathered together a dozen of the most unique ones! Some aren’t even boards … you’ll find creative uses for boxes, plastic cups and even the most adorable snow globe charcuteries (but the last idea is the cutest). Let’s graze!

Unique Christmas charcuterie board - love this Santa board of brie cheese

Santa Charcuterie Board 

Santa put Petal and Platter on the nice list for creating his likeness in cheese and meat! Brie cheese is the perfect soft cheese for carving out a little Santa face complete with snowy white mustache and hat topped with strawberries.

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12 Unique Christmas Charcuterie Boards - love this Merry Christmas board

Merry Christmas Charcuterie 

The Party Girl Charcuterie spells it out for us with her Merry Christmas board! Alphabet cookie cutters can spell out any festive saying so have fun with it!

Creative charcuterie boxes for Christmas

Charcuterie Boxes 

These festive, striped charcuterie boxes from With Love and Cheese would make the perfect hostess gift and they are easy to transport once the lid is added.

Charcuterie snow globes!

Charcuterie Snow Globes

Modern Charcuterie created these fun little individual snow globe charcuteries and I love the tiny little honey wands! These would be perfect little place settings if you add your guests names to them.

Love this caprese candy cane board!

Caprese Candy Cane Board 

Caprese is a salad of fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil and this take on a caprese salad is perfect for serving during the holidays! It doesn’t get easier than this two ingredient caprese board. Sprigs of fresh basil and tomatoes combine for a festive color combo from The Baker Mama.

Love this Christmas charcuterie board with tree cutout of brie cheese

Brie Cutout Charcuterie 

The Cure Charcuterie filled a brie used a cookie cutter to carve out a little Christmas tree then filled it with pomegranate seeds and sprigs of rosemary for a festive look.

Love this Christmas tree charcuterie board with appetizer and dessert together!

Christmas Tree Charcuterie

Don’t have a board? No problem … Lauren of Taste of Home shows us how to make this Christmas tree that’s a complete meal from appetizer to dessert.

Love this burrata cheese Christmas tree wreath board

Burrata Wreath Board

Love burrata? Boards by Courtney whipped up this burrata wreath board with dollops of cheese and pomegranate seeds that resemble red ornaments.

Love this festive charcuterie board wreath with individual skewers

Meat Cheese Skewer Charcuterie Wreath

Make it simple for your guests to graze with this wreath made of individual skewers of cheese and meats by Crown Charcuterie. Notice how each skewer is topped with a variety of food including grapes, olives and strawberries.

Love these cute clear plastic charcuterie cups!

Charcuterie Cups 

I love these clear, plastic cups filled with tasty treats from Two Hot Mamas. Add a sprig of rosemary and a little candy cane and it’s Santa approved!

Love this festive hot chocolate charcuterie board!

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Craving something sweet? Make a hot chocolate board like this one from Dawn of A New Dawnn. I love that she included to go cups and lids and the cutest little chocolate spoons to mix everything together!

Elf oh the Shelf gets his own charcuterie board!

Elf on Shelf Charcuterie

Snowflake the elf (with a little help from Gather and Graze) whipped up the cutest mini charcuterie on a cracker!

The beauty of charcuterie boards is that there is no wrong way to make one!

These ideas have my creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to make my own version of a Christmas charcuterie board.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful ideas! This was great. I love the hot chocolate one. I made the caprese candy cane before! Definitely saving this!

  2. I am saving these pics! Thank you. I recently learned what a charcuterie board is although I did know what a plowmans platter was. Thank you

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