Saran Wrap Ball Game

If you want to have the most fun holiday get together ever, you must play the Saran Wrap Ball Game! I made a surprise filled Saran wrap ball last Christmas and it was the highlight of our day! Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably and have loads of fun when you play this game that involves a giant ball made of Saran wrap with fun surprises tucked throughout. Players take turns passing this big cling wrap ball around hoping prizes will fall out during their turn. Printable instructions included!

Everything You Need to Know to Make and Play the Saran Wrap Ball Game with printable instructions - perfect family game for Christmas or any holiday

Click Here to Print Game Instructions and Rules

How to Make a Saran Wrap Ball

– 1 – 2 rolls of Saran Wrap (I recommend the name brand wrap as others might not stick as well)
– Prizes – an assortment of prizes from the Dollar Store, scratch-off lottery tickets, cash …

Write down some fun activities on pieces of paper and wrap them up in the ball along with the prizes. Some examples are “Lose a Turn”, “Give one of Your Prizes Away” (I’ve included more COAL CARD ideas at the end of this post).

Start by wrapping “the grand prize” in the center of the ball. Choose something that can be formed into a round, ball shape. I used the stuffed Santa with the $20 bill wrapped around him.

Wrap, wrap, wrap and wrap some more making sure to turn the ball to change the direction of the wrap so it’s not too easy to unfurl.

Add a prize every so often then keep wrapping and wrapping with lots of wrap between each prize. Make sure to mix in some larger prizes so the ball gets bigger!

To make it even more difficult and ensure the game lasts longer, make sure to tear the Saran wrap every so often then start a fresh piece of wrap on a different side of the ball. This makes it more challenging for the player to find the end piece.

An optional but recommended idea is to include a pair of oven mitts in the ball with a “COAL CARD” instructing the player that they must wear the oven mitts during their turn!

The prizes I used in my Saran Wrap Ball were a hit! Feel free to have everyone trade prizes when the game is over.

Prize ideas for the Saran Wrap Ball Game


Prize Filled Saran Wrap Ball
Pair of Dice
Optional box top or tray to roll the dice onto (to keep them from flying all over the room).

  1. Have players sit in a circle on the floor.
  2. Roll dice to determine who goes first and that person gets the Saran ball.
  3. The person to the left of the ball holder gets the dice.
  4. Yell go then the ball holder starts unraveling while the person to their left rolls the dice fast and furiously (trying to roll doubles)!
  5. The ball must remain in the persons lap when unrolling since the ball can unravel very quickly if it rolls along the floor. If the ball leaves the lap, they must quickly put it back.
  6. Once the dice holder rolls doubles, they yell “DOUBLES” and the ball is passed to them as the dice is passed to the person to their left.
  7. The ball holder gets to keep prizes that fall out during their turn.
  8. Make sure the ball holder stops to read the “COAL CARDS” and do what is instructed.
  9. The dice roller keeps rolling during their turn, there is no need to stop while “COAL CARDS” are being read.
  10. When the game ends, people can trade prizes if they want so everyone is happy!

Click Here to Print Game Instructions and Rules

Learn how to play the Saran Wrap Ball Game - the most fun you'll have at your next Christmas, holiday or birthday party!


If you are playing with a mix of adults and kids, you can adjust the rules with these optional ideas!

  • To make it fair for all ages, determine a set amount of prizes per player and once they reach their amount, their turn is over.
  • Don’t tear the Saran wrap, just use one continuous roll to make it easier for little hands to unravel.
  • Adults wear gloves when unwrapping but not the kids.


“Coal Cards” are optional but make the game more exciting! Make your own with a Sharpie and index cards or sturdy pieces of paper so they don’t get lost while unrolling the ball.

  • Open the ball while running in place
  • Unwrap the ball behind your back
  • Use only one hand to unwrap the ball
  • Lose your turn
  • Put on oven mitts and wear them for your entire turn
  • Give one of your prizes to the person on your left
  • Sing a Christmas song until your turn is over
  • Steal a prize from anyone else

Click Here to Print Game Instructions and Rules

The Saran Wrap Ball Game or Saran Wrap Coal Game is definitely a fun family tradition that we plan to play every year. My sister played it a girls night in and had a blast but it would be fun for birthdays or any holiday!

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  1. This sounds super fun!! I may suggest it for our office party next year. About how many players works well for the game?!

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