Kelly’s Stamp of Approval 11

This week in Kelly’s Stamp of Approval 11, it’s all about decluttering our homes, what I’m loving on tv and in theatres, why everyone needs a monogramed piece of jewelry, devastating news that has me in tears, my quest for thinner thighs and how I’m being held accountable and more.

Free at last! I finally finished un-decorating my Christmas trees! Goodbye til next year Shiny Brites. If your decorations are still up, make sure to read my Christmas Un-Decorating Tips here.

Huge collection of vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments #shinybrites #vintagechristmas #vintageornaments #shinybrite #christmasdecor #kellyelko

New year, new us! Who else struggles with letting go of stuff? If you saw my basement and garage, you would know that I’m one step away from starring in the next episode of Hoarders.

Let it go, let it go … it’s easier said than done and I struggle with this so much but I think we need to let go of clutter so we aren’t weighed down by all our stuff.

Decluttering Tips to an Organized Home

Decluttering Tips for an Organized Home #organizing #declutter #organizingtips #clutter #kellyelko

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What to Watch

Judy Garland was a hot mess! We watched the movie Judy on Amazon Prime the other night and loved it. This was a glimpse into the life of an icon who was used and abused in her childhood and died a tragic death.

Thumbs Up! We took the girls to see Knives Out at a new movie theatre where the heated seats fully recline! I did nod off for a bit and hope I didn’t snort but I can’t be 100% sure! I’m still trying to recuperate from Daniel Craig’s southern accent and don’t think I will ever be able to un-hear it! I want my James Bond and his shaken not stirred accent back.

Sale Alert

I gave these initial bracelets to friends for Christmas and of course had to scoop up a K for myself! Get one for yourself while it’s on sale for less than $12! In fact, the entire sale section is an extra 40% off.

Initial Bracelet #initial #monogram #jewelry #bracelets

Makes Me Cry

Below is a quote from Lucy Holland, a resident of Australia.

“Today we are being told that HALF A BILLION animals have perished so far in the Australian bushfire crisis, 500 MILLION ANIMALS ARE DEAD. That’s more than the amount of humans in America. Entire species are expected to be wiped out. Farmers are shooting their scorched and burning livestock, the animals being shot are lucky in comparison to the scared animals that are being burned alive when they have nowhere to run to escape the flames. The wildlife that do survive, have burns on their paws from the hot ground they’re forced to walk on in search of water. These are dark, desperate times. People are trapped, surrounded by fire, with no way out, jumping in the ocean and lakes just so they don’t burn to death. We have lost so much and we need everyone in the world talking about it.”

Burned Koala in Australian Fires

I just donated to WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization, and hope my contribution can bring some relief to this horror.

Goal Setting

On January 1, I downloaded the WW (formerly called Weight Watchers) app and am determined to lose the extra junk that has somehow accumulated in my trunk when I wasn’t looking. My back injury in April plus two surgeries in August have really put a dent in my eating right and exercise routine. This is the most I have weighed in my entire life (I have no idea what I weighed during my pregnancy because they weighed me weekly at the hospital on a metric scale and I preferred to live in denial)!

They say tracking what you eat leads to more successful weight loss so I’m giving it a go. I’m going to share my victories and set backs here every week. I started on Wednesday and by Friday morning, I was down 1.6 pounds but that’s probably from all of the salt, alcohol and excess of the holiday season desperately trying to escape my bloated body (but hey, I’ll take anything I can get)!

I’m also doing Dry January and won’t drink any alcohol this month. My liver has already sent me a thank you note.

If you have any tips, recipes, snack ideas or any other words of encouragement or would like to join me on my weight loss journey, leave me a comment.

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  1. You’ve got this! I have been making a smoothie every morning from Body Love and it keeps me full until lunch time. In the book, Kelly Leveque says, “you are not a toddler and don’t need snacks.” I try to repeat that to myself when I mindlessly open the fridge.
    I don’t track what I eat because it takes so much time and feels overwhelming and exhausting… I’ve done it in the past and I know it helps and makes you hyper aware, but it’s just not for me.

    1. Does this mean no more goldfish crackers for me? I love tracking because while I know what I should be eating, this makes me really realize what the heck is going in my mouth!

  2. Happy New Year Kelly! Sounds like you have really started the new year off right! Best of luck in your weight loss journey. I always keep raw carrots on hand for when I’m hungry. Thank you for your guide on decluttering. I’m always so afraid I’m going to need something so I save everything. That’s my goal for 2020.

  3. I am a fan of WW Freestyle, now the Blue program. If you track, you will lose. My tip is to find out the point value for your favorite foods and put them into your daily foods you eat. I have wine and Panera Bread everyday and lost weight. Now I still track to maintain. I use the WW app for recipes . It makes tracking easier. Normal foods and nothing too restricting works in the long run.

    1. Thanks Diane! I am in the Blue program! I love bread too and could not live without carbs. I even had risotto the other night! Glad to hear it worked for you and I’ll be emailing you for your favorite recipes!

  4. For weight loss I am using My Fitness Pal app. It really keeps me focused. Did you know if you have health insurance a nutritionist is no charge? I go every 3-4 months to check in and get tips. Keeps me responsible. I am down 40 pounds. It’s about lifestyle changes not fads!

    1. I’ve used my fitness pal in the past too Beth and like it! I just need something different and I’ve done WW in the past with success. 40 lbs is such an accomplishment – congrats!

  5. Hi Kelly, my name is Kelly also. Not many Kelly’s in my age group. I didn’t meet another Kelly until I was in the 10th grade. I love your taste, style and caring for the precious animals in Australia right now. I feel so helpless. Warm regards…

  6. So funny! You describe me! The garage and basement hoarding, to giving my liver a break! And back injury, tho minor but limiting. Here’s to all things better this year.
    God bless!

  7. Thank you, Kellly, for recommending donations to the wildlife organization – I just donated and posted for all my FB friends.

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