Kewpie Dolls … Cute or Creepy? Plus an Interesting History

On Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I shared a photo of my vintage Kewpie doll thrift store find and asked if she was cute or creepy. Well, the people spoke and they had big feelings about this important subject. The vote was pretty much an even split. Half think she’s adorable and the other half think she’s going to come to life and murder me in my sleep. I’m taking you inside my house to share some simple seasonal decorating ideas plus I’m sharing some really interesting Kewpie doll history.

Fun Kewpie doll history - love this vintage Kewpie doll wreath

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Just in case the Kewpie is pure evil, I tied her to a wreath to make it difficult for her to sneak up on me with a kitchen knife.

Love this adorable little vintage Kewpie doll on a succulent wreath

Don’t let those cute dimpled knees lull you into a false sense of security. One can never be too careful, especially since I just finished watching the documentary, Night Stalker, about the 1980’s serial killing rampage by Richard Ramirez (I highly recommend it).

Once Kewpie was safely secured to the wreath, I was able to turn my back on her so I could find some interesting tidbits about the Kewpie.

Love this white kitchen with simple Valentine decor including an adorable Kewpie doll wreath

Did you know that Kewpie has been around for over 100 years?! In 1909, Ladies’ Home Journal published the first Kewpie comic created by Rose O’Neill. She named the character “Kewpie,” a baby talk version of “Cupid,” and described him as “a sort of little round fairy whose one idea is to teach people to be merry and kind at the same time.” The Kewpie comic strip was so popular that in 1912, dolls began being manufactured and the first ones were made in Germany of bisque porcelain. Over the years, they were made out of celluloid, hard plastic, soft rubber and vinyl.

Simple farmhouse style Valentine Decor - love the Rae Dunn hugs and kisses mugs

Kewpie has me questioning everything in my life including whether this face bowl means to do me harm.

Love these Rae Dunn Hugs and Kisses mugs

Fresh flowers don’t have a face so they are always safe to bring into your home (unless there is a venomous spider lurking within the leaves)! Oh, and candles are always a safe choice!

Love this antique Boston Terrier doorstop

I am sleeping with one eye open in case that Kewpie doll breaks free of her chains and sneaks up to my room in the middle of the night. Luckily, my husband sleeps closer to the door, so he will probably be her first victim which will give me time to make a run for it.

Please be sure to weigh in on whether you think Kewpie is cute or creepy.

If you ever find yourself in Branson, Missouri, be sure to visit the Kewpie museum … if you are brave enough!

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  1. Well, I consider you a friend and I just have to be honest. I’m not a fan of any dolls. Even as a kid I didnt play with them. But, I do love your little Valentine touches! 😘

    1. LOL I understand! My mother in law got my girls life size dolls and I hung them on their bedposts. They stuffed them in their closets saying they were creepy! I donated them the next day!

  2. The kewpie doll was my high school mascot and still is the mascot of that high school, which is David H Hickman high school, Columbia, Missouri.

  3. I think Kewpie dolls are the cutest!! My mom was named after my grandmas kewpie doll that my grandpa bought her right before they found out they were pregnant!!

  4. Love the vintage ornament heart. Not sure about the Kewpie doll on the wreath, that is a little spooky. I know it’s boring sitting on the shelf!

  5. They’re just a sweet reminder of a simpler time to me. I shared an Afro-American doll with my sister – we still have her. I’ve never seen a Kewpie of color. She is sort of crumbing away with age – has the wings and all. We will keep her forever!

  6. Kelly…You.Are.A.Riot!! Not only for stringing her up on a wall entangled on a wreath, but for taking the chance to begin with of the female version of “Chuckie” coming to life while you’re not looking! Ha! You might want to research if any of the wreath succulents are toxic to eat, because if she gets “hangry” (hungry hanging there)…that could be her demise! Too funny! Personally, I’m don’t feel too fuzzy wuzzy towards the Kewpies…but they do make great entertainment for your blog! Blessings, Ally

      1. I hope you didn’t mean you should feed her “Allison” instead of the succulents! lol! I’m natural, organic, herbal…so if you feed me to her she might grow 3 times as large and then you WOULD have a problem! ha! Happy Weekend, Kelly! I thoroughly enjoy your entertaining personality! Take good care, Allison

  7. I love your valentine shiny bright heart , super awesome ! Its beautiful !!!!!!
    Heres my Kewpie story … I had ( notice I say HAD ) quite a few of them, they all went to the trash . Sad, I know . My family did not want them as they are made of oil ( plastic ) and they got tacky / sticky from the chemicals leaching out of them. Bottom line is, not safe for me, or my Grandkiddos … They will do that , as will some older toys ( depending when they are made and what type of plastic they are ) , you can feel it when you touch them. Now, that is creepy !!! Its interesting that I have other older / vintage plastic things that have not done that… I am no chemist , but when they start feeling sticky or look oily, time to say bon voyage Kewpie .. it was a sad day , they were cute .. ( its subjective ) , your story was much funnier than mine, by FAR !!! You are hilarious Kelly !

  8. I still have the kewpie doll I had as a little girl. It has a soft red stuffed body so it’s different from the regular kewpie dolls. My husband thinks it’s creepy but it was one of my first toys and has been well loved and looks it!

  9. Well it takes more than a little Kewpie to scare me, but I loved looking at your pretty home. Kewpie dolls are cute, I think.

  10. I love your Kewpie doll – she’s adorable! I have a tiny one on my bedroom shelf. It’s the jars of doll heads and the old Elves that I find creepy.

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