Antique Brownstone Doors in the Bathroom

Antique arched doors add warmth to a bathroom

I’m on a mission to declutter (have you joined my Conquer Clutter Challenge)?

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to pass up amazing finds when I run across them!

Have you read my tips for making money in Facebook buy and sell groups? Well, not only do I sell my unwanted stuff, I have officially made my first purchase …

these antique arched doors from an old brownstone are full of time worn character.

Add antique pieces to a bathroom to add warmth - love these antique arched doors

I plan to add mirrors and hang them on this wall so I can stare at them when Calgon is taking me away.

Maybe I’ll add one of my antique glass doorknobs to give it some zing.

Time worn character on antique wood doors   Master bathroom with free standing tub and antique wood doors that add warmth

Bathrooms can tend to look cold with all the tile and reflective surfaces so adding wood not only gives it personality but it also warms up the room.

Open shelves add interest and I can display favorite things like shells, coral and a big piece of driftwood I found at HomeGoods.

Love this master bathroom with free standing tub and marble tile - the antique doors add warmth and character

I will be selling the old ladder that once leaned on this wall trying to keep with my vow of one thing in one thing out.

What do you think of these doors?

Would you have scooped them up too?

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How to Make Money in Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

How to make money in Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

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  1. These doors are great! I would buy them, but I already have a bunch of antique doors hanging around here…so I guess it would be foolhardy bringing them home. They look awesome, though!

  2. Wow! I want those doors!! I have an arched window that I faux painted the glass to look like antique mirror with looking glass spray paint, vinegar and water. Love it because it’s a soft reflection.

  3. I love the doors! One problem for me would be getting rid of the ladder. It doesn’t take up much space and would make a lovely rack for storing and displaying old tablecloths or old Indian blankets??? Yes, you guessed it, I have a lot of stuff!

    1. Wanda – I have soooo much stuff and can’t keep it all (unfortunately)! I’ve had that ladder for almost 15 years and I’m ready to let it go! Although I do love the idea of using it as a blanket display!

  4. I love your door. I can’t wait to see the mirror in it. I also love your ceiling lamp. It’s really different. I like being different. You done good on your find.

  5. LOVE the doors….. especially with the arched window frames……. you are so right about the wood warming up the room!!!

  6. Love the doors, I mean really. What a great find!

    While not quite the same, I have a thing for vintage windows (particularly stained glass windows – I have one hanging in just about every window of my house). But my favorite is a vintage leaded sidelight window from an old farmhouse that I found at a flea market. I hung it in front of my actual sidelight window by the front door. It makes me so happy. 🙂

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