Exceptionally Eclectic #1 – Gargantuan Window Turned Chalkboard

Here’s the first of what I am officially calling Exceptionally Eclectic (catchy huh), where I will showcase the coolest mix of eclectic stuff that catches my eye every week!

Kicking us off (drum roll please) is this ginormous (yes, I like to combine words on occasion!) window that called from the trash pile to Karianne at Thistlewood Farm.  She was lucky enough to find one with seven rows of windows so she added days of the week plaques and uses it as a family calendar!

Here’s what she had to say about about this great find!
Do you ever have a curbside conversation?

You know what I mean….

….you are driving to some undisclosed location….

….minding your own business…..and suddenly…..

….you hear your name.

Trash:  “hey….pssssst…..you….I’m talking to you.  I know I look like an old window, but, I need to go home with you and become a chalkboard.”

Me:  “How did you know that I needed a gigantic, over-sized chalkboard in my family room?”

Trash:  “Ma’am  (the trash called me ma’am because I only stop and speak to very polite trash) …..I knew a trash spotter when I saw one.”

Me:  “You had me at …..pssst.”

I can totally relate since that little voice in my head often whispers for me to pull over when I spot cool curbside castoffs!  (Read about one such embarrassing incident here).

Wanna make one?

  • Remove the glass (most was already broken anyway!) while wearing thick gloves and safety goggles
  • Measure and cut (or have a place like Lowes do it) one large piece of plywood to fit behind the window
  • Paint plywood with chalkboard paint
  • Attach plywood to the back wooden part of the window with nails
  • Karianne nailed the plywood directly to the walls (she lives in an old house and has solid wood walls) but for those of us with regular walls, I recommend attaching sawtooth picture hangers to the plywood
  • Optional – add small wood plaques to the top and label (this one is labeled with the days of the week)

See the rest of this gorgeous room here all decked out in some amazing Christmas finery.

Thanks Karianne at  Thistlewood Farm for letting me share this truly exceptional and statement making chalkboard!

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