Fab Friday Finds – Stuck Behind the 8 Ball

Timing is everything?

It was definitely true the day I loaded up my car with my closet clean-out donations for the thrift shop.

After donating, and feeling mighty fine about myself I might add,

I saw a man unloading his donations in the car next to mine.

I admired his vintage billiard ball set (I know, mother always said not to talk to strangers) and …

the next thing I knew, I was the happy new owner of his cast offs.

Did I mention I saw a set onΒ My Brimfield AdventureΒ that was going for $50!

Good enough to eat – they remind of giant jawbreakers

(I never could understand how anyone could fit those in their mouths)!

Minnesota Fats has got nothing on me!

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  1. I just found a set of billiard balls last week at a sale for 5 dollars. I just love them. I put them in a bowl and they remind me of big gum balls! Enjoy your wonderful treasure and thanks for sharing how you display them. So Fun!

  2. Those are great. I had my hand on a boxed set and put it back. I wish I had gotten them. When I went back they were gone of course. I use to eat jawbreakers all the time.

  3. When I’m finally finished with my living and dining rooms … and at the point of accessorizing … can I fly you out here so you and I can go thrifting together and you can just point and tell me to buy that and this (and I won’t question your logic) and then we can come back to the house. And put amazing things in glass bowls, like billiard balls that I would have walked by without a second though, and when we are done (the house is small so it won’t take long) we could relax with some wine on the back porch?

  4. I have a set of billiard balls that are meaningful to us and wanted to somehow display them. I tried a plain straight sided glass canister and it was, well, balls in a jar. Nothing great. Seeing yours I now need to find a fancy vessel and I have a great place in mind where I can display them. Thanks for the idea!


  5. AWESOME find! And one time that talking to a stranger was a good thing! Not that I’m a fan of disobeying Mom’s rules or anything…

  6. I have a chicken wire basket of balls that I use as a group, I will also take individual balls and sit them out for birthdays or anniversaries using the ball with the correct date on it! I think they are pretty cute sitting on a candlestick holder or perched on an old spring!

  7. OK..your secret is safe with us…we will not tell your mom!!….Love vintage pool balls….I have a vintage set in a tall glass cylinder that is in my hubby’s man cave…hmmm, I may snag it from that room and place it in a room where I could enjoy it too….I wonder if he would notice…(yep, he would)…Love the way you placed them in the covered jar!…Now tell me…have you just revealed your secret to finding great things?….So you just hang out in the parking lots of thrift stores and talk to strangers and get first dibs on the “good stuff”????…Now your secret is out!!….

  8. Just when I thought I was over envying the cool vintage things you find, you show this!!! I LOVE vintage Billiards balls. I always eyeball what I see people bringing into the donation section. I have yet to see anything this cool. Where I have free junk mojo, you have awesome eclectic finds for a bargain, or nothing mojo!

  9. Ergh….do you see how green I am right now ? I was in Pottery Barn today and saw theirs on display as well. I’ve been looking for set – I’ll settle for a handful – for a while now. You better lock your front door tonight. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Kelly … nice display. Looks great in glass. So colorful. I love old wooden stuff and have quite a collection of croquet balls. I need to find an interesting way to display them except in a wooden bowl or wire basket. Should go back to the Thrift and buy that huge glass canister I passed up today. Thanks for sharing your decorating talents with us. Came over from Shabby Southern Style.
    Blessings, Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

    1. My newest love, billiard balls! Such a creative, colorful bit of vintage! Yours look lovely the way you’ve displayed them. I have a vintage dough bowl full of vintage croquet balls still sporting their bright stripes, I love them! Also have a huge glass cylinder of ping pong balls to which I’ve applied small vinyl vintage style numbers…Love! Keep on goin’ girl!

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