Mischievous Elf on the Shelf is Back!

If you don’t already have an Elf on the Shelf – it’s time to get one.  You don’t need kids to enjoy this little fellow as I think I have more fun with him than my girls.

We got our Elf a few years ago and the girls loved him!  He comes with a cute book to read to the kids about the Elf watching your kids during the day and then returning to the North Pole every night to relay everything the kids did (whether it was naughty or nice).  Yes, creepy to think this little guy is watching our every move but it’s all in good fun!  You can also go online to name your little fella (ours is Hot Tamale).

The girls rush down every morning searching for Hot Tamale.  Where will he be and what hi-jinx will he be up to today?  Hot Tamale makes his appearance the day after Thanksgiving.

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Hot Tamale makes a mess and a snow angel
Some things Hot Tamale will be doing this year are:Nov 26 – Making a snow angel in a pile of flour (and delivering the girls Christmas pj’s)
Nov 27 – Trying to scoop out the goldfish with a net
Nove 28 – Floating in the bathtub
Nove 29 – Wearing shades and applying sunscreen while catching some “rays” under the desk lamp
Nov 30- Coloring a picture of himself playing with the girls
Dec 1 – Delivering two Advent Calendars filled with chocolates
Dec 2 – Sleeping on the couch with some cookie crumbs on his tummy and the remote in his hand
Dec 3 – Sitting on the potty reading the newspaper
Dec 4 – Playing a game of Monopoly
Dec 5 – Sipping hot chocolate and marshmallows
Dec 6 – Listening to the I-Pod
Dec 7 – Delivering boxes of Hot Tamales (his name is Hot Tamale after all)
Dec 8 – Caught with his hand in the cookie jar
Dec 9 – Dressed up in doll clothes
Dec 10 – Lipstick on bathroom mirror message (You look Hot, Just like Me, Love Hot Tamale)
Dec 11 – Trail of toilet paper from powder room to Christmas Tree
Dec 12 – Making s’mores with a mini marshmallow on toothpick
Dec 13 – Fast asleep in underwear drawer
Dec 14 – Playing solitaire
Dec 15 – Sitting on a pile of books in driver’s seat of car – car taken out of garage and parked in driveway
Dec 16 – Outfits laid out for girls to wear to school
Dec 17 – In mom’s jewelry drawer trying on the goods
Dec 18 – Send girls on scavenger hunt for fun treats
Dec 19 – Marshmallow fight – scattered all over the house
Dec 20 – Put kitchen chairs on table
Dec 21 – Spell out his name in Cheerios
Dec 22 – Riding a reindeer ornament
Dec 23 – Having a tea party with other dolls
Dec 24 – Leave two bags of “reindeer food” (oats and glitter mixed together)

Then Hot Tamale will disappear to the North Pole as mysteriously as he appeared but will be back again next year!

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