Master Bedroom Rug – Adding Texture

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Love this neutral textured rug in this cozy bedroom - it looks and feels like a cozy cable knit sweater!

If you’re following along with the nail biting Kelly’s Bedroom Telenovela saga, this is where we left off …


After sleeping together for 20 years, Kelly cruelly dumped her four poster bed.

She couldn’t resist the charm and dark good looks of her new metal bed.


Not only did Kelly cast away the old bed but she cold heartedly rolled up the old oriental rug and listed it on Craigslist.

Kelly is now part of a happy threesome with the metal bed and a new neutral textured rug from Rugs USA!

Love this neutral textured rug in this master bedroom - it is the perfect complement to the black metal bed

My vision for the room is neutral with lots of texture and letting the bed shine as the focal point.

So when I found this amazingly textured wool rug that reminds me of a cozy cable knit sweater, I knew my search for the perfect rug had ended.

It’s the perfect size too – 9 x 12 and it comes in three colors. My other rug was smaller and always looked a bit awkward.

Love the texture of this neutral wool rug

I am a little concerned because I think the bed bought the rug these flowers.

Gorgeous white flower arrangement in a vintage blue pitcher

I’ll have to keep my eye on those two.

Add texture with a chunky wool rug

Bonus: it’s Sushi the Boston Terrier approved!

Neutral Textured Wool Rug - the perfect soft, cozy rug to add texture to any room

I love making room updates gradually. Next on the list – paint, lamps, art and more.


P.S. if you’re looking for a rug, hop over to Rugs USA for a huge selection of any kind of rug you can imagine at amazing prices – lots of things 70% off right now.  It’s where I found my pieced cowhide rug in my dining room.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for the next installment of Kelly’s Bedroom Telenovela for more dramatic cliff hangers.


Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible – sponsored by Rugs USA.

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  1. Kelly, You read my mind. I was thinking about arm knit blankets when I saw this rug. Loving all the texture your adding. Sushi seems to like the new rug. Pat S

  2. pretty rug – woulda been really pricey w/o that discount… still is pretty pricey. But it you’re happy – I”m happy! Texture is so fun! And seems you’re having fun! Enjoy the makeover!!

  3. Kelly, the room keeps getting better and better. Your bed is so beautiful and now that rug! Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Love, love , love your rug. Love the look and texture, must be pretty comfy, Sushi sure looks happy!

  5. I’m thinking about ordering this rug but I’m wondering if you could tell me how it’s holding up. Does it vacuum well? Do you think the gray version would hold up to kids? It would be in our living room, not our family room, so lots of use, but maybe not abuse. Ha! Thanks! Who knew that picking a rug was as stressful as picking a husband!

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