Countdown to Christmas – No Sew Upholstery Webbing Table Runner


How to make a no sew upholstery webbing jute table runner - I love this!

Only 6 Fridays til Christmas!

Every Friday through Black Friday, five talented friends and I are sharing easy projects to get you in the holiday spirit.

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Countdown to Christmas - 6 creative projects every week!

When I got married, my mom got me the Buttoner.

A handy little gadget for the sewing impaired.  Insert button, squeeze trigger and voila, button magically becomes attached to your shirt!


I’ve never used that thing and I still can’t sew a button.

So what’s a non-sewing girl to do?

DIY Jute Webbing Table Runner - this is beautiful!

I heart no-sew projects almost as much as I love jute webbing.

I found my jute webbing at Online Fabric Store – it’s so inexpensive and it’s pretty too (reminds me of French grain sacks).

Instead of hiding it under a seat cushion, I’m making this upholstery webbing the star of my table.

Jute Upholstery Webbing - she turned it into the coolest table runner!

Make a No Sew Upholstery Webbing Table Runner

Upholstery Webbing – 21 yards for a 6′ long x 17 1/2″ wide runner
Glue Gun

How to make a jute table runner

1) Decide how long you want your runner to be by laying webbing on the table – cut to size

Note: My runner is for a 6 foot table so I made mine just a tad bit shorter

2) Decide how wide you want your runner – mine is five strips across so cut four more pieces of webbing the same length as the first piece – then lay all five pieces close together on the table (don’t worry if they aren’t perfectly straight).

3) Measure the width of the five strips (mine is around 17 1/2″) then cut smaller pieces of webbing – half will be 17″ long (a little shorter than the width) and the other half will be 19″ long (a little longer than the width).

Note: I used 21 smaller strips (eleven – 17″ strips and ten 19″ strips)

4) Line up a smaller (17″) piece of webbing at the top of the five strips then weave it through the five long strips of webbing (under, over, under, over, under).

5) Use a glue gun to adhere the small strips to the longer strips – you only need to glue the first and last end pieces (don’t worry about gluing the middle sections).

Steps to make an upholstery webbing table runner

5) Repeat the process but use the larger (19″) piece of webbing for the second strip and weave through the five long strips this time starting over, under, over, under over.

Note: You will have pieces hanging over the edge – we will take care of them later!

6) Keep alternating the shorter (17″) and longer (19″) strips of webbing and weave them through the longer strips.

I love this idea for upholstery webbing - what a fun craft idea!

7) When you get to the end, you will have excess.  Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim away the pieces that hang over the edge.

Note: Trim as much as you can from the top, then flip the runner over and trim the rest

8) Touch up any edges that aren’t laying flat with the glue gun.

See how to make your own table runner from upholstery webbing

Make a no sew table runner from jute webbing

9) Lay your runner on the table and forgive yourself for not knowing how to sew.

Upholstery webbing craft - make this very cool no sew table runner

Make a no sew jute table runner

Here’s to girls who can’t sew …

although I do have a pile of shirts with missing buttons …

where’s that Buttoneer when I need it?


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 Thanks Online Fabric Store for helping a non-sewing girl out with some upholstery webbing.

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  1. You did a fantastic job weaving all those strips and your runner is great. love how weaving catches the eye, did mine. think if I want any of that webbing I’ll have to get online, Walmart stopped carrying it here. I used alot for ornaments last year that. Used lot of $tree goodies on top of webbing, turned out pretty good, hope I can find those. I had an assembly line going. The webbing was awesome back ground to attach to.
    You get a star young lady,so pretty and different. we don’t have a table or I’d make one. Made burlap runners for coffee table and entertainment stand last year (covers up the dust). Now what did i do with those? Happy season

  2. Very nice Kelly! I love jute webbing too! I use it when sewing my handbags and pillows. I agree, looks like burlap sacks, and the red is just perfect for the holidays!

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