10 Creative Craft Rooms with Style!

10 Creative Craft Rooms with Style! - tons of storage & decorating ideas! eclecticallyvitnage.com

I have a dream.

A dream that when I walk into my guest bedroom turned craft room/office/mom cave/great escape, I will be in organized nirvana.

The heavens will part …

the choirs will sing …

and little winged cherubs will descend down upon my space and magically turn it into a “so organized that you can bounce a quarter off of it” room.

The saga began with my blinged out cowhide and continued to my organized craft closet (with my DIY chalkboard labels to save serious cash) and I’ve been feverishly working behind the scenes (with the cherubs) to finish my plan for world domination.


In the meantime enjoy some of my favorite, creative craft room/home offices.


Jennifer of Studio Pebbles has a glam craft room that I covet and don’t even get me started on that fun wall saying, the lockers and that chandelier of bingo cards!

Top 10 Creative Craft Rooms - love the glam touches

Beckie of Infarrantly Creative has the mother of all craft rooms.

She DIY’d all of those built-in cabinets and that fabulously huge counter height island and I love the creative way she stores her paint!

Now this is a craft room from Infarrantly Creative!

With all of the color and glitz going on from various projects, I love a clean, white craft area and double sided desk for two from Scrapbook.

Love this craft room and storage - one of 10 creative craft rooms

What’s not to love about vintage suitcase & crate storage from Lolly Jane!

Love the vintage suitcase & crate storage in this craft room

I want to wear camouflage and hide in the bushes until Lia Griffith falls asleep then roll that amazing wood plank photo table and vintage stool out of her house and into mine!

Creative craft studio - love the vintage touches and that huge table!

I love the everything within reach storage of Beth at Unskinny Boppy’s craft room.

Love this craft room with open storage

Little Green Notebook had me at red lacquer console table – perfect for storing all the chaos!

This is an amazing home office - love the red console for storage

I love how Rhoda of Southern Hospitality used color and open shelves in her cheery office.

Love this home office and the open shelves

Think there’s no room for a home office, think again!

Meredith, of Meredith & Gwyneth the New Yorkie, carved out a chic little workspace right as you enter through her fun pink door.

Small home office - love the storage, colors and style!

Kim at Living Vintage has the most vintage goodness office I’ve ever seen.

I love this vintage filled home office

So while I wait for the cherubs to arrive to help me work my craft room goodness, I’ll be dreaming of these dreamy creative spaces.

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  1. I think I have ugly craft supplies, I just can’t picture them ever looking so cute. But I’m going to head over for a closer look at some of these rooms and do some pinning.

  2. Currently, there’s some shelf assembly happening in my living room, and my office/craft room is torn apart waiting for its transformation. Cannot wait to force some order onto this space.

    But first, I have lots of Ikea assembly to do!

    Thanks for sharing your fave rooms. I hadn’t seen many of them. I’ll be checking them all out and waiting on your room reveal, as well.

  3. I have major craft room envy. The Vintage everything is my fave. But I would be happy with any of them. When you finish yours, come and help me with mine.

  4. I LOVE them, one and all! Will you please send the cherubs to my house when they’ve finished at yours. Thank you for sharing the inspiration.

  5. I love your writing!! I totally get the “heavens parting” and “choirs singing”!! Great inspiration for my craft room when I finally move!!

  6. The dreamy craft rooms you showed are beautiful, functional, and interesting. Your craft room looks similar to mine. My craft space is efficiently blended into my bedroom space(20×20) approximately. Just having “my place” is special and brings me happiness. That is what crafting is all about for me. Doing something that I love to do in my place. Thanks.

  7. Hi Kelly!
    I have been trying to plan a sewing/quilting area in my bedroom…which isn’t easy! It would be great to have a “sewing room” but that isn’t possible in my house. So I have been dreading buying whatever I need to get it done. I am not a fan of “new” and the thought of laminate, white, Ikea…just didn’t thrill me! And then I found you! Who says it has to be “new?” Now I have a plan! I am going to do it “vintage.” I am starting my journey for old stuff tomorrow! Thank you so much for inspiring me! I can’t wait to get started!
    Keep the ideas coming…Maureen

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