10 Minute Decorating – Dress Up Supermarket Plants

 Great tips on how to dress up supermarket plants!  kellyelko.com

It’s amazing how a live plant can breathe life into a room.

I hate the supermarket and put off shopping trips until there is just a jar of pickles and a half filled container of sour milk staring at me from the fridge.

But if I have to go, I might as well pick up something to perk up my life and my kitchen.

Great Tips on how to Dress Up Supermarket Plants kellyelko.com

Of course, the ugly plastic containers that most supermarket plants come packed in leave a lot to be desired.


First thing – trash the plastic and plant your new buddy in a cute container like a piece of thrift store milk glass with a few shreds of a brown paper bag that remind me of a nest – perfect for spring.


Give your plant a friend like this little Easter bunny and try elevating it on a tray or cake stand to give it more oomph.

Cover the dirt with a handful of corks (I managed to drink enough wine in one night to gather these corks)!


Teacups on a windowsill are perfect for tiny little gerber daisies.

My kitchen is a much happier place with my spruced up plants.

Let’s just hope my green thumb doesn’t turn black.

See more of my kitchen here.

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  1. Love the idea! I hate shopping as well, but maybe grabbing a bit of Spring like this will make it a little easier. Perfect idea for. making it more personable. I’m going to have to give this one a try today.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Great ideas. I hate grocery shopping also. MaybE because I’ve done it for so many years. I love the shredded paper idea and elevating a plant on a cake plant is a great idea too. Everything looks so pretty for spring in your kitchen.

  3. The corks as a groundcover, such a cute and quirky idea!

    I also use rock pebbles to cover the dirt, in colors to match my current decorations (cremes, black and greys, etc)

  4. I love to put plants from the market into pretty containers….and you have the most gorgeous containers at your disposal to do just that!….Love how you used the corks as a sort of “mulch” in the champagne bucket…I am definitely going to snag that great idea Kelly!…You always present the prettiest of idea!

  5. Maybe this time can post my comment. All your new plants in their containers are pretty and different, love that. I like things that are little different than what others have. I might like idea of a trend but need to have something with just little bit of difference that is noticeable, to me at least. Like idea of using containers not typically thought of as plant containers.
    You didn’t want us to think you drank all the wine for several corks on that plant surface did you? lol. You are a stinker, as soon as I read that and looked at all the wine corks I was chuckling. Were you wondering if we’d catch that? Your arrangement of plants in unusual containers is very pretty, love looks of them. I’ve yet to plant anything in teacups, do the plants survive for length of time or do you have to replant soon? Like that you have some different ideas you implement, your plants looks quite Springy and we can all use Springy can’t we?
    Enjoy your weekend, do something special. Happy Spring

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