Spring Living Room and I Kidnapped My Sisters Chairs!

Love this living room decorated for spring and those red striped grain sack chairs are fabulous! kellyelko.com

The 10 foot snow drifts are finally melting and spring is in the air.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I’m celebrating the longer, warmer, sunshiney-er, skip in my step days by adding some spring touches around the house.


It all started with these red grain sack chairs.

I have temporary custody – I’m decorating my sister’s living room and found these babies at HomeGoods.

Since they’re here for a few days, I might as well get some joy from them and pretend they’re mine until I have to grant custody to my sister.

Love these red grain sack chairs! kellyelko.com

Love the nailhead trim on these fun red grain sack chairs! kellyelko.com

Remember a few years ago when I made my egg garland?

Well, here’s the 2015 version made with carrot eggs from the dollar store strung together with clear fishing wire

What a fun spring mantel - love the Easter bunny and the DIY carrot garland! kellyelko.com

Be still my heart …

there are those grain sack chair again.

Love these red grain sack chairs! kellyelko.com

Love the red grain sack chairs in this beautiful living room kellyelko.com

I get tons of questions about how I made my Peep wreath – everyone wants to know if the ants have attacked it.

NO – I made it four years ago and it’s still going strong.

Don’t attempt to sneak a peep though or you’ll crack a tooth.

How cute is this Peeps Wreath! She made it four years ago - see how to make one that lasts kellyelko.com
Cute little touch for spring decorating - add a few carrot eggs and moss to a candle holder kellyelko.com
Hyacinths smell like spring!  Love it in the vintage milk glass kellyelko.com
Cute rustic Easter mantel - love the old wooden toolbox kellyelko.com
Love the neutral wing back chair with the fun apple pillow! kellyelko.com

Love these red grain sack chairs in this beautiful living room kellyelko.com
Love this light and bright living room and those red grain sack chairs! kellyelko.com

Hope you all have a spring in your step.


P.S. I’ll miss you red grain sack chairs …

think my sister will let me have visitation rights?

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  1. What??? You got those chairs at HomeGoods??!!…they are fantastic..have not seen anything like that at mine, but then again, I know people who pop in there every day so I can see them being bought before they hit the floor..I guess I need to go there more often…they look great in your room…your sister may have to pry them from your hands…

  2. You’re Sister didn’t fall far from the tree, did she? I’m sure her home is as gorgeous as yours. Those chairs are fab! Love the vintage but chic look. So you!!!

  3. I love the chairs! (Maybe she’ll forget about them???!!) : )
    I enjoy everything you do. As I’ve said before, you have a gift, a bit of magic when it comes to putting things together!!! Have a wonderful day

  4. The chairs are pretty but, if i remember right you have some nice ones too.I love that fruit pillow or whatever, where did you get that,oh i know sushi brought it to you, right lol !!!

  5. Oh my, I’m so in love with those chairs, what’s not to love? I’d have hard time surrendering them to my sister if I had one. And that rug, love it too, love it all, gorgeous room.
    I used to have bunch of those cute little carrot eggs, think they got donated to thrift store few years ago. Wasn’t easy as they are so cute. We were living in our rv for few months at RV park when we first moved here in 2004 so we decorated trailer with them in side and out. Your garland looks so cute across your fire place. I’ve made couple garlands this year to decorate house and door. I usually make couple I give to daughter.
    Enjoy rest of week. Bye awesome chairs.

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