10 Minute Decorating – Displaying Collections Year Round

Do you love to collect? I’m sharing my 10 minute decorating with collections tips so you can display your favorite collections year round.

Decorating with Collections Year Round - How to display the same things differently all year long kellyelko.com

I love to collect.

I’m an equal opportunity collector (I think it started with my mouse figurines when I was a kid).

One of my favorite, no fuss ways to decorate is to arrange a favorite collection together for big impact.

Here are some of my favorite ways to decorate with collections and how I display them differently throughout the year …

Old milk glass is perfect for holding tulips, pencils or soaps in a bathroom but it looks equally good when grouped in a hutch …

Vintage milk glass displayed in a hutch kellyelko.com

or gather an odd number to hold your favorite bulbs.

Vintage milk glass is perfect for forcing bulbs kellyelko.com

I picked up most of this vintage green glass at the thrift shop for less than $1 each but what an impact they make when displayed together …

Vintage green glass collection kellyelko.com

and the same glass gathers no dust as it’s turned into a Christmas tree (see more of my Christmas home tour).

Vintage green glass Christmas tree kellyelko.com

My favorite collection (at the moment) are these old demijohns (wine jugs) that I’ve found over the years.  Near a window, with the sun shining through, they shine …

Vintage demijohns - old wine jugs - love the colorful fall leaves kellyelko.com

Christmas has them filled them with strings of lights for a festive display.

Demijohn bottles filled with string lights for Christmas kellyelko.com

One bottle is nice but a group of them gathered in a wire basket is even better …

Green glass bottles grouped together kellyelko.com

the same bottles get a whole new look holding tulips on a spring mantel (see how to make this cute egg garland).

Easter mantel - love the green glass bottles, tulips and that cute egg garland! kellyelko.com

Think about layers when displaying collections.  This trunk holds a silver tray that holds a collection of engraved loving cups …

Antique loving cups - love the way they are displayed kellyelko.com

or have your collection display another collection.

Vintage trophies kellyelko.com

Remember, it only takes three things to form a collection.

What do you love to collect?

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  1. In regard to the wine jugs, do you have any idea how to remove a water line? I made the mistake of putting real flowers in it………………..and now I have a water line I cannot get clean.

    1. Hi Kim – try alka seltzer and if that doesn’t work try filling it with warm water then adding some baking soda then a little bit of white vinegar. Also, if they are really dirty, I like to fill up with dry rice, then water, then swish around.

  2. You have some fabulous collections and if I was able to visit in person some trophies just might come up missing! Glad to be in this series with you, Kelly.

  3. Umm, as of this moment, my new favorite things to collect are milk glass, demijohns, vintage yardsticks and trophies! 🙂 Though I don’t believe I have a “collection” of any of them yet! Thanks for the inspiration – – your collections look amazing. ~julie

  4. I have both the milk glass and green glass collection too Kelly, but I’m truly in love with you trophy and demi-johns collections the most! You always manage to display your collections so beautifully dear, always inspirational to me!

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