April in Snapshots

Love this gorgeous tulip border in front of a hedge of boxwood kellyelko.com

Spring is here and it’s loud and proud – hear her roar!

I’m roaring too – and raring to get outside.

I take tons of pics (you can follow me on Instagram to see more) and most don’t make it onto the blog so I want to start sharing more of my everyday life.

Here’s my April in snapshots.

Adirondack chairs in the garden kellyelko.com

My daughter Olivia and I planted these tulips years ago and I always remember that day every time they bloom. I highly recommend planting something with someone you love – it’s such a great way to keep a memory alive.

Spring tulips kellyelko.com

I can’t get enough basil and always plant a ton. I love these biodegradable pots – just rip off the bottom and plant.

Pesto anyone?

Biodegradable basil containers - so easy to plant kellyelko.com

More herbs – it doesn’t get easier than throwing a big pot of rosemary into a galvanized bucket for an instant outdoor centerpiece.

Plant a big pot of rosemary in a galvanized bucket for an easy outdoor centerpiece kellyelko.com

I also planted a little cherry tomato plant but until it blooms it’s all about supermarket tomatoes.

Just sprinkle them with salt and pepper and roast at 400 for 15-20 minutes.

Roasted cherry tomatoes kellyelko.com

Spring is all about softball for my girls. So we spend a lot of time here. I cheer for the team while Sushi eats sticks.

I’m thrilled that my daughter Vanessa has recovered from a concussion and she’s back in the game.

Boston Terrier at the park kellyelko.com

There is also a lot of ball chasing in our yard (you can follow Sushi on Instagram to see more of her cuteness).

Sushi the Boston Terrier! kellyelko.com

And last but not least, I’ve been redecorating my sunroom. My ugly old sofa and I had a bitter breakup and I’ve got a new love in my life. That led to this new rug which I’m loving. It’s from Rugs USA and it (and almost everything else) is 70% off.

The affiliate link pouf is less than $15 on clearance now and you can find my favorite dog slippers here.

Love the pattern mix in this graphic rug and pouf kellyelko.com

That’s my April in a nutshell.

Here’s to May and may my basil grow like a weed.

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30% off everything World Market coupon kellyelko.com

P.P.S. Mother’s Day is this Sunday – check out my Mother’s Day gift guide.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas kellyelko.com


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  1. Hi Kelly, When you plant in a bucket do you get many weeds? Did you put something in for drainage? Just do a tutorial for me! Can you make pesto and can it for later use? Lots of questions. What recipe do you use for pesto? Pat S

    1. I don’t get weeds Pat – the growth is so huge (especially with the basil) there’s no room for anything else! I nailed some drainage holes in the big basil pot – didn’t in the rosemary pot. I make pesto and freeze it! My girls are allergic to tree nuts so I make mine without pine nuts but it’s still so good. I’ll have to share the recipe soon but it’s pretty basic – olive oil, cheese, basil, salt & pepper.

  2. Looks like you have a great yard, love herbs have mine in old buckets and wash pans.Sushi has lots of room to play.

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