Exceptionally Eclectic – Colorful Bedroom with a Lake View

They live on a lake …

let the collective oohs and ahhs commence.

This is the view out the window for Our Lake Life.

Lakeside Home tour - filled with tons of great DIY ideas!

This lake is in my state of NJ – yes, I said NJ!

What, did you think it would be a view of nuclear waste plants and factories?

It isn’t called The Garden State for nothing.

Sorry for the tirade – now let’s get back to the moral of the story.

Check out this fabulous, color-infused, original art created bedroom with lots of DIY touches.

Those ikat curtain – I am coveting them.

Oh yeah, Maria made them herself (see how here).

Lakeside Home tour - filled with tons of great DIY ideas!

Check out the original art created by Maria herself!

Not only does she paint, she has an amazing tutorial to turn a ho-hum frame into a gilded masterpiece here.

Lakeside Home tour - filled with tons of great DIY ideas!

And she reupholstered her great grandmothers orange chairs (piles of horsehair and all) into fantastic upholstery tacked beauties!

See (the before pics) and how she transformed them here.

Lakeside Home tour - filled with tons of great DIY ideas!

Have a tv that you don’t want to be the focal point?

Add a gallery wall to disguise that big black box.

Lakeside Home tour - filled with tons of great DIY ideas!

Whew, curtains, art, upholstery, a gallery wall …

Hop on over to Our Lake Life to see what else Maria’s got up her sleeve.


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  1. Kelly,

    Awesome feature. Love her view. Love those chairs. Love those curtains.

    Love your complete and unabashed defense of the beautiful garden state 🙂

    🙂 me

  2. Great feature! What a cheery home. Love that view! I grew up one block from Lake Erie. Oh how I miss the lake view! Impressive art work too! I’m off to check out her blog!
    Hope you are having a good Saturday!

  3. Oh how would it be to wake up to that view! Sorry, the Sopranos did not help New Jersey’s public profile as the Garden State. Good thing I know better!

  4. Hi, this has nothing to do with this post but I wanted to ask where you found the animal prints in your dining room. I love them! I tried emailing you but it would not go through for some reason. I appreciate the info and BTW, your home is lovely!! Thanks

    1. HI Becky
      So glad you like my dining room art – it’s so fun! I found the coloring book at Anthropologie. It was a big book with black and white animals and colorful overlays. I bought it a couple of years ago so not sure if it’s still for sale. I googled it – and found this site (but it’s no longer available). http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/color-me-book. Maybe you’ll run across one if you know what the cover looks like. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the NJ rant! I live in beautiful Hunterdon County NJ and really appreciated it. We get a bad name here in Jersey. It’s not like we all say CAWFEE (though I do :), just for effect). Thanks for bringing us this beautiful bedroom! p.s. Your kitchen lights are so AWESOME!

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