Fab Friday Finds – The Score $20 Bought!

The stars aligned in yard sale land last weekend!

Our eyes met from across the road.

Well, lamps don’t have eyes, but you get the idea.

I shouted, “those lamps, I must have them”

and veered to the side of the road where I parked and ran to stake my claim.

I hunted and pecked through boxes and bins and piled my booty up …

all the while thinking I wouldn’t have enough $ to pay for all of it.

How much do you want for this, I asked?

Oh, whatever you think, Tina (yes, I like to get to know my yard sale sellers intimately) told me.

So I did what any self respecting yard sale maven would do.

I kept piling up “stuff” until I could pile no more.

My Haul

1 huge trunk

2 fantabulous 70’s drip lamps

46 keys on a 1940’s typewriter

1 Dansk mid century modern red pot

1 huge conch shell

oodles of white glass spice jars (spices still inside – ugh)!

All for one low price of $20!

Looks like the K (for Kelly) key got a lot of use!

I envision lots of junk in this trunk.

I can’t decide if this tops my $6 thrift shop score.

What do you think?

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  1. Kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly … isn’t that a Cheers show thing?!? I think the K was used for Karah though. And drip glaze has ALWAYS been my favorite. 🙂 I think I like this lot better, so many things, so little money.

  2. That’s an amazing price for amazing scores! I just adore that typewriter. I have no idea where I would display that in my home but suddenly have the urge to visit each and every yard sale in Chicago in search of my very own 1940s typewriter …



  3. Oh snap! You lucky duck. I haven’t been yard sale-ing this spring because I need to clear out some stuff from my garage, but you’ve got me itching to go now. Great finds. Love the old typewriter. And the trunk. And the lamps are pretty bohemian-chic-cool too. Congrats on the loot!

  4. Kelley,

    These are all great finds — especially the vintage typewriter {we have a collection} and the trunk. I have a similar trunk that my great grandmother used when she sailed to NY from Ireland. Can’t wait to see how you use these items in your beautiful home.


  5. Kelly,

    Seriously…..when you told me about the trunk, I had no idea that it was that fabulous. Seriously. And the typewriter and the lamps. *sigh* I can just see you waving the lamps around and smiling.

    She who gets the yard sale finds….always has the last laugh!

    🙂 me

  6. Heck freakin’ YA BABY!! You scored. OMG. You KNOW how much that trunk is worth 😉 You are killing it at the tag sales. It’s pouring here, but once the weather turns… I’ll be out trying to keep up with your prowess!! Congrats =)

  7. Love those lamps. Those are some great scores. Funny, I was just putting together a list of my haul this week too. Mine is not nearly as cute as yours!

  8. I literally just smacked my desk in a jealous fit over that trunk. My parents have a similar one on their front porch and I keep trying to beg it off of them… but it’s not working. :/ Great finds!

  9. That tops my haul today. They had everything you can fit in the bag for a buck. Trouble was, I didn’t want most of the stuff.


  10. Who has that much good stuff at one sale? Amazing finds and amazing that you got it all before anyone else. What a sweet deal. Love it!

  11. A woman after my own heart. What a score – I love it when the seller wants to bundle. I want my truck full when I return home. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of it. Followed over from The Shabby Nest.

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