Exceptionally Eclectic – Kitschy Florida Cottage

Betsy Speert, interior designer turned furniture designer and decorating book author,

has style and loves a well placed expletive!

She’s got a kitschy Florida cottage filled with fabulous vintage finds.

Of course I gotta love a gal that loves a porch glider where she likes to sit and spy on her neighbors.

(Betsy’s Porch)

She turned a ho-hum builder grade white kitchen into this…

(Betsy’s Kitchen)

This study is a study in vintage paint-by-numbers.  Love the mis-matched frames.

(Betsy’s Study) 

If you’re lucky enough to get an invite from Betsy, you’ll stay in this guest room.

But don’t get too comfy since Betsy’s motto is “Hello! Welcome! When are you Leaving?”!!

(Betsy’s Guest Bedroom)

She’s after my own (out of control) collecting heart.

Betsy has a weakness for vintage barkcloth and uses it on drapes, pillows and cushions.

And check out that fabulous mid-century lamp!

And she’s got collections that have run amok like these cow paintings  –

these are just a drop in her cow pie collection bucket.

A toile closet!

And of course, what Florida house would be complete without a pool and palm trees?

(Betsy’s Pool)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Betsy also has a house is Massachusetts that is every bit as amazing as you can see from her living room.

So if you’re in the need of a good chuckle, guffaw or belly laugh, head over to Betsy Speert and you’ll also get some amazing eye candy.

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  1. I have been following Betsy for some time….I have always loved her style and following her in magazines for years….she is a hoot, for sure!!….Her home is beautiful and she has done an incredible job in renovating and decorating the Florida house….lived most of my life in Florida, so her home there is near and dear to my heart!

  2. You are so smart to choose such a worthy blogger to FEATURE!
    Loose the extra E in my name, or I’ll hunt you down……….
    Oh yeah…..
    While I’m at it…….
    Thanks for featuring me!!!!

  3. Both colorful and cheerful looking! She seems to have a knack for displaying her collections! I’m off to see for myself!


  4. If I ever got rich and could then afford her, I would love to have her decorate my house or she could just give me a cow picture. I think she’s just the best designer there is!

  5. I love her style. Did you see I featured her amazing little footstool that sits in her “northern” home. I want a toile closet too!

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