Fab Friday Finds – Sister Act

The convent held a heavenly yard sale!

The angels sang when I spotted this …

“For Sale – Antique Chalkboard – Make an Offer”

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12 years of Catholic school memories raced through my head.

There I was back in school, quivering in my polyester uniform and saddle shoes.

Make an offer to a nun?

Not too high (I’m cheap).

Not too low (visions of me burning in Haites for all eternity).

How about $50?, I offered.

Cue the choir  – Sold!

The heavens parted as I loaded my new prize into my car and raced home

(before anyone noticed that I basically stole this thing).

Now to make it even cuter with our Summer Fun List

(which I’m proud to say I totally copied from Cassie).

Did I mention, it’s double sided?!

My daughter commandeered the chalkboard and wrote her own Camp Fun List!

And this helps you see just how huge this sucker is

(we rolled it all around the house til we found the perfect spot – for now).

So I’m in heaven right now with my latest find.

But this is just the tip of the nun yard sale iceberg!

I’ll share more of my finds next week!

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  1. A find like that is almost better than gold. It’s got all the right things…character and practicality. You and your family will enjoy it for years. Great Find!!!

    1. btw – I haven’t unfollowed you, I’ve just switched all my email subscriptions over to Bloglovin. My email account was a mess!!! I still love you 🙂

  2. How brave of you to even dare attend a convent yard sale. I still have some very vivid and very frightening memories of Sister Mary …

    But you seriously scored with that chalkboard! And what exactly is a “manhunt” — I’m thinking your girls may be a bit young for that particular summer activity!



  3. Oh I just adore your new chalk board! Great find! So your a catholic girl from New Jersey eh?? Um hum..that explains a lot! Have a great weekend Kelly!~~

  4. Yet another great score! Way to go, Kelly!!
    I love the new spot for it, and your daughters list. I too, was wondering about the manhunt? Haha. Sounds like the nuns may not approve! 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow…what a great find!! Don’t you wish you would have said 25! But it is totally worth 50, and more!!!! I have a two sided chalk board that I use very often. It stands on the ground, but only to about 2 1/2 feet tall. Yours is fabulous~!~!
    : ) Kris

  6. Dear kelly…I wish I had fond memories of my 6 years at catholic school! all I remember is nuns pulling my ponytails every time I didn’t wear my glasses or making me write 100 time..”I won’t let my hair down during class”..lol…after that I told my parents please I want out…so for the next 6 I went to an Episcopalian school….wayyyy better….anywhoooo…back to your chalkboard…FABULOUS!!! LOVE IT! is like totally you now that you personalized it with your camp schedule and the summer yummy menu! Congrats!!! love reading your blog and your amazing finds!!! =0) Amen! LOL

  7. Shame on you for taking advantage of unsuspecting Nun and low balling that Chalkboard. Seriously though, I would have heard Angels singing too if I had scored that thing for $50. It is DIVINE!

  8. The tip of the nun sale iceberg. hahahahaha 🙂 That’s the best line of the night! I need that chalkboard to wing it’s way to Kentucky.

    Awesome find my yard sale friend!

    🙂 me

  9. Holy cow! I would probably pass out from shear joy if I ever found that at a sale. Actually, I would be gripped onto it for dear life, while looking around suspiciously to make sure nobody was lurking ready to snatch it up on me. Love it!

  10. I am so in love with that chalkboard!….I am sure the Nun was smiling when you offered the $50 price….Now, if it were my hubby who made the offer, he probably would have had his knuckles smacked with a ruler, as they were in school….!….I can see you doing a “happy dance” after she said yes…

  11. that is fab…I cannot touch chalk but I love the look of a chalkboard – especially one like this! great find and I am sure the Sisters appreciated your offer.

  12. Great post! I completely understand all those feelings!
    Great score, even at the expense.
    Did you feel like the nun might pull out a ruler if your offer was too low? ?

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