BHG StyleMaker Event

What do you get when you combine Better Homes and Gardens, the world’s coolest hotel, some of my favorite bloggers, inspirational speakers, fabulous food, cocktails, killer views and me?

I was honored to once again be named one of 75 Better Homes and Gardens StyleMakers and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite moments from the event with you.

BHG Stylemaker 2017

My day started out as far from stylish as possible!

It was around 100 degrees and I thought I was all that and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in my cute off the shoulder dress when I decided to take my dog Sushi for a quick walk before I had to catch my train. That’s when she flung herself on the ground and started rolling around in the foulest smelling something! She was covered in filth and reeked! I ran into the house, holding her at a distance in my outstretched arms, sweat pouring down my back, and gave her the world’s quickest bath. I didn’t even have time to clean the tub so I just left a note telling my family not to use the bath!

Then I reapplied my lip gloss and sashayed out the door.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re ever in New York, do yourself a favor and hop in a cab or walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and stay at 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel. You can walk to everything in DUMBO (an area of Brooklyn that stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and the rooftop bar views (there’s even a pool up there) of Manhattan are incredible.

Views of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Last year, I attended this event but didn’t spend the night. I’m so glad I did this year (I roomed with one of my favorite people – Julia of Cuckoo for Design) because it gave me time to catch up with friends and of course eat at some great restaurants and do a little shopping.

BHG Stylemaker event

A Pinterest worthy breakfast kicked off the day.

BHG Stylemaker breakfast

Next was a styling tips session with BHG editor in chief Stephen Orr and editors Oma Ford and Nancy Hopkins.

Here Stephen is asking how I snuck into the event and debating whether or not to have security escort me out.

BHG Editors at Stylemaker event

War broke out when we competed to see who could make the best magazine worthy avocado toast (obviously I don’t get out much)!

Food styling at BHG Stylemaker event

We learned to finger knit.

Learning to finger knit at BHG Stylemaker event

We took tons of photos.

Photo booth at BHG Stylemaker event

We ate.

Dessert tray

We drank.

Torani soda bar

We drank some more.

BHG Stylemaker cocktails

We were merry #BloggersGoneWild (I told you I don’t get out much).

Bloggers gone wild at BHG Stylemaker event

Aime of Meme Hill / Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us / yours truly /
Julia of Cuckoo for Design / Tammy of Pink Peppermint Design /
Aniko of Place of My Taste

We left with an epic swag bag.

Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker swag bags

Brooklyn bridge at BHG Stylemaker event

Cheers! Now it’s back to reality (and cleaning out that bathtub)!

Photos (except last): David Keith Photo

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  1. What an exciting experience! Thank you for sharing with us! You do deserve the recognition for your talents! I am inspired here in Texas at 7:37 A.M.

  2. How fun are you? I’d love to spend some time in Brooklyn, ’cause I could pretend I was one of the cool kids instead of a lil’ design obsessed granny!

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