Christmas in a Minute – Make a Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Make this unique mason jar advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas.

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There’s nothing more exciting than anticipation.

Counting down the days.

Something to look forward to.

There’s also nothing as exciting as a simple project …

one that takes just minutes to create.

Countdown to Christmas - Mason Jar Advent Calendar Craft

What are the odds that I happen to have 24 new blue mason jars?

It’s fate … the perfect amount to make the world’s cutest advent calendar.

Make a mason jar advent calendar - what a fun idea!

All wrapped up in candy cane bakers twine and stars …

just waiting for the 24 day countdown until we hear hoof steps on the roof.

My girls will rush to see what awaits them every morning before they start their hectic days.

DIY Advent Calendar from mason jars - this is such a great idea!

Candy, a note, a fun outing …

something to look forward to.

Advent calendar ideas - fun to use mason jars!

Or you could put candles in each jar – light one every night during the countdown to Christmas until you have 24 lit on Christmas eve.

Fun Christmas Craft - Make a Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Here’s to creating memories that our kids will never forget.

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  1. Kelly, this is such a cute idea! My boys would love this and considering every year, I think about doing an advent calendar only to end up resorting to those “cheapest chocolate ever” calendars! And I have the ball jars already…score! 😉

  2. You’re such a cool and creative Mom, Kelly! Love this idea and how pretty the red and blue are together. I’m sure your girls are more than ready to start removing candy canes or seeing that their other goodie is! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This is so dadgummed cute, what a great way to make use of those blue ball jars. Will be lots of fun for your kids to find out what the surprise is everyday. Happy Thanksgiving

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