Collecting Bug – Ironstone

Collecting Ironstone

Strike while the ironstone is hot!

Ironstone can be found everywhere from museums to humble farmhouse tables.

Susan of Must Love Junk loves collecting ironstone and has been collecting it for years and says …

“One of my favorite collections that makes my heart sing is old ironstone! I’m drawn to any and all kinds of pieces (tureens, platters, sugar bowls and creamers) even if they’re crazed or chipped, to me they’re still elegant! I love that you can just slip a piece of ironstone into any vignette, in any room, and it adds classic vintage farmhouse charm.”

Found at flea markets and garage sales, most of her finds were scored for less than $10.

Collecting ironstone - love this shelf display with baskets

Group small pieces together for maximum impact.

Love this ironstone pitcher collection lined up on a windowsill!

White ironstone collection

Ironstone was patented in 1813 in Staffordshire, England and was stronger than porcelain. It was adorned with transfer patterns and painted designs.

By the 1840’s England started exporting ironstone to America only to discover the United States preferred plain, unadorned white pieces. So began the love affair with white ironstone.

Ironstone soup tureens

Displaying ironstone

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What do you collect?

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  1. Wow,what a great collection. I like white ironstone and old canning jars. That was great, love it.

  2. Great website! Love the gardening info as well as collecting and decorating in the. cottage style. I too planted hydrangeas I have carefully planted them. Now watching for them to grow!

  3. Love how you arrange your collections! I have a small collection but nothing as beautiful as yours. Your passion shows!! Well done and thanks for sharing.

  4. I came across your web page and noticed that you also have a love of white ironstone.

    I wanted to let you know that you are far from alone; the White Ironstone China Association, an educational association centered around white ironstone china, has a presence both online and off.

    We have members from all over North America, many of whom gather at our yearly convention. We have speakers from around the world who give presentations regarding this shared obsession.

    We have a web page and a face book page, and if you ever have questions regarding marks, makers, items, etc., we have many knowledgeable members and resources available.

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