Conquer Clutter Challenge – Week One Results

Conquer Clutter in the Mudroom with Cute Baskets

Have you joined my Conquer Clutter Challenge?

200 people have joined the Conquer Clutter Facebook Page and we are decluttering like crazy.

You can read all about the Challenge HERE but the concept is simple – 15 minutes a day / 1 bag a day.

In the past 9 days, I’ve had two pickups from the Vietnam Vets, sold a few things on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups and trashed the rest.

Tip: set weekly pickups from a charitable organization and leave bags by front door as you fill them or load them into your car and take them to the local thrift store

Conquer Clutter Challenge - see how to finally and easily declutter in just 15 minutes a day!

It feels amazing!

Don’t know where to begin or having trouble parting with your stuff – read my Decluttering Tips.

This mudroom was once overflowing with coats, shoes and other random stuff – half of which nobody wore! Even my dogs clothes were out of control (she’s such a diva). Now some other little puppy can enjoy her old sweaters, leashes and collars.

Clear the Clutter - see how to ruthless declutter and keep only things you use

I made sure to only put coats we wear on a daily basis in here. The ones we haven’t worn in ages were donated and the rest went into my foyer closet.

My girls shoes are out in the open in baskets from HomeGoods.

Love this organized mudroom with built in closets

Remember, it’s not the size of the bag … just the fact that you filled one!

This little sandwich bag filled with old costume jewelry is headed to the thrift store.

Conquer Clutter Challenge - one bag a day - any size to finally declutter for good!

The goal is to try to spend a little bit of time every single day decluttering. It’s so much less overwhelming and even cleaning out one drawer feels so good!

P.S. Come back on Thursday – I’ll be giving away my favorite bag that keeps me organized!

Beautiful vintage fabric Anaya camera bag

Learn more about the Conquer the Clutter Challenge

Conquer Clutter Challenge - 15 minutes a day / 1 bag a day to finally declutter for good!

10 Steps to Clutter Free Tips

Decluttering Tips and How to Maintain Order

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  1. A transition house for abused women is another good option. They often leave in the middle of the night with nothing but their jammies. I volunteered at one years ago. The children touched my heart. So, I continue to give so the mothers can find their independence.
    My closet just keeps filling up. I tried that bring one in, take one out. It only lasted a short time. I’ve methodically decluttered my entire house since the new year, leaving my closet for last. Why is it so hard to part with shoes & purses?

  2. I’m slowing making progress in the art room…two bags of stuff to give away so far, two big bags of trash, a big stack for recycling. And that’s just one corner! Yikes. But I can actually see the shelf and what’s on it! Just what I needed to keep me motivated!

  3. Oops! I missed the sentence that told me to sign up on the Facebook page…. making that trip next. I have been trying to declutter though. Have been going through my two sock drawers to match up the orphans and take out what I haven’t worn in years. I love cute socks, so I have some overflow. Have also cleared out the cabinet above the toilet and I’m going through the nail polish, perfume, and meds. Haven’t yet gotten much into bags, but when I start going through more drawers and closets I know they will start stacking up. I like giving my extras to the Center for Refugee Services. These people literally have nothing. Some of them are Christians and really loved receiving artificial Christmas trees which have been sitting in our storage for years. I don’t give to the thrift shops anymore because if you don’t have money, you still can’t shop there. I’ve also seen them throw away SO much stuff. And the clothing that doesn’t sell is compacted and sold by the ton to go to other countries. But I know that some of the money some of them make does go for good deeds. I have found organizations which give to those who need it and I just feel better about that. Wish I were your neighbor…. would have followed you to Goodwill for that bag of costume jewelry — love repurposing the bling! Please continue to motivate us, Kelly!

    1. I like giving to the Vietnam Vets – they don’t have much overhead and most of the money goes directly to help vets. Some of the other thrift stores are questionable! Glad you’re decluttering with me!

    2. Does your Goodwill have a place were you can give directly to the homeless? Our local Salvation Army has an office where I took sleeping bags and warm clothes to be given out. Worth asking!

  4. my mother in law and my spinster cousin went into nursing homes within 6 months of each other over 5 years ago. some of their things were added to our house (!), including jars of change. i save “pennies from heaven” that i know my grandpa leaves me to find in a pretty old vase. my husband saves change in big amber pharmacy bottles. and then there’s the bottle return money…. i decided to roll the coins to put into a savings account. an afternoon later– less clutter and $713 of found money!

  5. Last year I moved out of my home of over 20 years and combined households with a packrat :). Since May we filled a 30 foot dumpster, and have made many, many, many trips to local charities and the local dump. My hope for 2017 is we can downsize to a 15 foot dumpster. Since most of what’s left is not mine, I constantly remind my significant other that if something isn’t bringing him joy he should get rid of it. Now that has become kind of a joke in our house. When I suggest he get rid of something he responds, “but it brings me joy”. Ha ha ha …I’m doomed!

    1. Ah, the packrat dilemma! I’m afraid that would be me in my relationship! I’m tossing what doesn’t bring me joy – which is pretty much all the useless crap piled everywhere!

  6. I am truly trying to get rid of all that extra “stuff”. Some I find easy, most of the clothes from when I worked at school, things that don’t fit, things I look at and say, “girl what were you thinkin’ “, and the purple vest that makes me look like The Michelin Man’s sister. However, there are those things that I do truly enjoy but just haven’t used lately, but know in my heart I will. Only time will tell. I am lucky to have a wonderful consignment shop right here in my little town. I have a box in one of the spare bedrooms where I tag stuff and put it in. Once it’s in there it can NOT come out. That’s the rule. As soon as it’s full, I take it down. I have a box full almost every week. Keep up the encouragement I for one always need It!

  7. This is totally off the subject, but where did you buy that beautiful handbag? It is gorgeous. I am downsizing to a much smaller house this year and have started decluttering. Love you blog!

  8. I have been “unintentionally” decluttering the last two weeks. We recently had new flooring put in a few weeks ago, and therefore had to empty rooms and closets. So instead of just shoving everything back in, I’ve been going through it all. It is a tedious process, but it feels REALLY good!

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