Cream, Sugar, or Me? Creative Bathroom Storage

The year was 1983.

My uni-brow was replaced with perfectly contoured arches.

I was nearly asphyxiated on hairspray fumes and my comb was firmly affixed in my knee sock.

The Revlon purple eyeshadow made it’s debut on my lids on my first day at …

my all girl’s high school!

No boys?  No matter.

Like peacocks, we strutted our stuff up and down those high school halls, not a hair out of place.

Vintage Storage ideas for the bathroom - love the old silver for necessities.

Back then, my sister and I shared a bathroom and fought for space in front of the lone mirror.

Makeup, brushes and hairdryers were all strewn haphazardly about the room.

Oh what a difference 30 years make.

Vintage organization ideas for the bathroom - love the old silver for necessities.

With nobody vying for bathroom privileges, I have the luxury of displaying my things while not having to worry whether someone will try out my latest shade of neon blue eyeliner without my permission.

(Yes, Colleen, I’m referring to you)!

Engraved vintage silver platter - horse aged trot.

Silver tea set storage.

Here’s to a perfectly plucked brow, the most amazing shade of blush, the shiniest lip gloss and the perfect place to display it all.

And most importantly, here’s to still realizing that we’re not doing any of it for the boys!

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  1. I have the important things on display too….. cotton balls, ear balls, face cleaning balls. The beauty products are all in the drawer. I’ve waited many years for the beauty part – I might want my money back.


  2. no purple eye shadow for me. In 1983, I had a husband, two children and some sort of job. Being old though, my thought for your silver, I like that you are using it but please polish it.

  3. Love the silver containers!! And love the tarnished look. I still have my baby cup from the 50’s, I should bring it out and use it! And yes, it has that lovely tarnish, too.
    Debbie 🙂

  4. Such a cute post! Even though I was the only girl of 3 kids, we still had to share one tiny bathroom, and vy for time in there. Great bath organizers.

  5. All your necessaries look so cute in your little silver containers. Love that idea. I use some little green planters and ironstone cups to keep the countertop looking good. Isn’t that what it’s all about!
    Mary Alice

  6. I am so glad it’s not 1983 anymore! I found some great narrow file cabinet drawers yesterday that I almost brought home to turn into shelves for my bathroom. I guess sometimes I worry about having too much old stuff. Your post has me kicking myself for not getting them–really like your repurposed silver.

  7. How pretty! What a great idea and so creative! I have a 100% mid-century bathroom (on purpose), wonder what I could use similarly in there?

  8. I have all my bathroom stuff in sugars and creamers – only problem is I don’t have room for a shelf…..I’ve been mulling over what I can do but haven’t firmed up a decision yet. Mine are all glass, but I really like the silver.

  9. LOL! I can just see all of you gals strutting around with peacock colored eyelids! 🙂 As we get older, I think we really dress to impress other women. Men sometimes don’t even notice! 🙂 Love your pretties on your tray! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  10. Thanks for coming by, Kelly. The mosquito remedy is for indoors. Even if it works in the house, it won’t do a thing to make going outside bearable. I have been hearing about different outdoor treatments lately, but they are going to set you back quite a bit more than the price of a 2 liter bottle, water, some brown sugar and yeast. Yeah, going outside is a whole nother ball game. However, so far, I haven’t been bit in the house in the past couple of days. It’s rained two days in a row, so we’ll see how it goes. The skeeters always find a way in. The instructions were to wait two weeks. I’ll peek before then, but not quite yet. 🙂

  11. I’m thinking I never got caught up in the blue eyeshadow phase … or perhaps I blocked this particular 80’s phase from my mind … but no matter the color, you make-up looks perfect in those tarnished silver creamers and sugarers!



    P.S. Got your email about SBC. Very exciting! And, yes, I’ll be there …

  12. Who would have thought to use sugar bowls for bathroom makeup storage?! Oh, you did – and it looks great! I love the tray that the sugar bowls are sitting on too.

    I wasn’t much into makeup when I was in high school, but I was totally on the Farrah Flip bandwagon – hair feathered on both sides and running your hand through your bangs to keep the flip fresh 🙂

  13. Ahhh the purple eyeshadow. I too was in high school and applied a dark plum shadow from my eyelashes to my eyebrows. Basically I looked like I went 5 rounds with Rocky. My friend took me to the girls room and told me to take it off!! THAT is what friends are for!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love tarnished silver too! No perfect shine for me.

  14. This is so pretty with the vintage silver, Kelly. I use pressed glass sugar and creamers to hold makeup items on my vanity in the bedroom, and they work very well for storage and are pretty as well, but you’ve given me some new ideas for additional storage for that area. I love that your silver tray was a racing trophy–how cool is that??

  15. I’m beside you at Common Ground so I wanted to stop and say hi…and also to tell you that this silver is perfect in your bathroom. I would totally copy this if I only had the counter space. Since I don’t I’ll just envy you. :o)

  16. I love it Kelley!!!! I am in love with Silver and it seems people are afraid of it… at least afraid of using it! I love how you re-purposed these pieces! Pinning it!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Ohh I love it! I have tarnished silver in my bathroom holding almost all the same stuff you have yours holding too! The little silver containers are just perfect for that and I hardly ever polish silver! Love it all mottled and vintage looking! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! 🙂

  17. Love it. I, too, started high school in 1983. I think my particular shade of eye shadow was probably a turqouise-y blue. And I definitely had the permed big hair going on. Love the silver for the bathroom. Have a great day. ~ Angie

  18. I love love love vintage thrifted Silver Plate – Especially Tea Sets. 1983 – Graduated College and started climbing the corporate ladder. Permed Hair for sure.

  19. Hey! I have my q-tips in almost the exact same container! And my make-up brushes in a similar one! Love your display! Great minds…:)

  20. This brought back memories of sharing a bathroom with 2 teenage sisters many years ago. Love how you left the silver alone in all it’s tarnished patina. Great post!

  21. Love the silver in the bathroom. I have a vintage mirror tray I use for my makeup brushes and such, but I am thinking the little pitcher I have needs to be replaced with an old Silver one!

    PS I bet my bangs were bigger than yours. We should compare. I got mine straight and high!

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