What a Crock Side Table

Crown Crock 12 Gallon Table - fun way to repurpose and old find kellyelko.com

I found this crock at an estate sale.

It was the kitchen garbage can!

Of course I had to rescue it from a life of rotten banana peels and coffee grounds so I scooped it up for $50.

It’s HUGE and was made by National Pottery in Roseville, Ohio.

I love the red wood and metal handles.

Love the red and metal handles on this huge old crock turned table kellyelko.com

The 12 means it can hold 12 gallons.

Crown 12 gallon crock kellyelko.com

I turned it into a side table by adding an old piece of round wood on top.

It’s the perfect little reading corner and I’ve been having fun pouring over this new travel book. So many gorgeous photos as I dream of the places I’ll go.
Ultimate Travel Book - gorgeous photos of the 500 best places to see kellyelko.com

It’s held plants and wrapping paper and umbrellas so who knows how long it will remain a table but for now, I’m loving it.

Old crock turned table - what a fun way to repurpose a vintage find kellyelko.com

What a crock!

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  1. I have a few of these old crocks one big one and three smaller ones. I love yours and the idea of a table, very clever!

  2. I fondly remember going to that estate sale with you. I bought a bunch of wine crates there. I used one as a bike basket, but the others are still wine crates. Gotta come up with some ideas on how to repurpose them. I love your idea of making a side table with your crock. XO

  3. Kelly, Wow, I’ve never seen a crock so big. That is so cool. Hey, I was made in Ohio too. LOL Pat S

  4. I, too, have a crock table but the difference is that my crock is an old Rosebud Peanut butter crock It held 32 lbs of peanut butter. It is shorter than yours so in order to make it an end table I put it upon a doctors exam room step stool. My husband made a chunky wood top for it that rests on a lip inside the opening. I love old crocks and I have a small collection of them. The smaller ones make great display risers and they all provides great storage. I love your crock table and your blog!

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