Dining Room Update & Running off to Vegas!

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Colorful Gallery Wall - love these coloring book pages as art and that pieced cowhide rug is amazing! kellyelko.com

Does anyone know an Elvis impersonator who performs weddings?

I plan to run off to Vegas with my new rug then honeymoon on a yacht in St. Bart’s.

Yes, my new pieced cowhide rug from RugsUSA gives me butterflies, makes my palms sweat and has me sitting by the phone hoping he’ll call.

Love this eclectic dining room - from the colorful gallery wall to the twin lanterns to that amazing pieced cowhide rug! kellyelko.com

It’s true what they say – size does matter and my old rug was just too small and dark and competed with the art so I dumped him …

via text – I’m heartless like that.

Love this eclectic dining room - from the colorful gallery wall to the twin lanterns to that amazing pieced cowhide rug! kellyelko.com

He’s ready for his close up – such great texture from the different colors of cowhide.

This pieced cowhide rug is gorgeous!  kellyelko.com

Don’t we look cute together?

Love this fun dining room - such an eclectic look kellyelko.com

Gorgeous dining room - love the wall color, the milk glass collection and that gorgeous cowhide rug! kellyelko.com

LOVE this eclectic plate wall - this dining room is stunning! kellyelko.com

The best part – gotta plan my bachelorette party!  Who wants to come?


Disclosure: Thanks Rugs USA for sending me such an amazing new boyfriend … I mean rug.  I only speak the truth.

P.S. I remain happily married – but it is ok to look at other rugs – I’m only human after all.

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  1. PS — just wanted to let you know Feedburner hasn’t delivered most of your posts in the past month… this is the second one I’ve gotten since the end of July. it’s been wonky for my blog too, but just wanted to let you know!

  2. I LOVE that rug too!!! Good thing he was cloned so there’s more to go around. Did you get a pad too? Have a great time in Vegas 🙂

  3. Kelly, I love the rug! My concern would be do you think it will hold up with the chairs being pulled out on it? I would love to get one. I had a braided rug under my table years ago, and the chairs being scooted on it damaged the rug. I have been afraid to buy anything but wool since then. Please let me know what you think. The color is awesome too, and it looks beautiful in your dining room. Is it 8×10? Thanks for all the info, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Ranell – I guess I’ll have to wait and see but so far so good. Also, we don’t use this room every day so it won’t get that much wear and tear. Cowhides are pretty durable – I have 2 others! It’s an 8×10 – so glad you like it!

  4. Girl, you’re hilarious! They say humor is what keeps a relationship happy. I can see you are going to step all over this one!! But I am sure he, I mean the rug, is very forgiving. I love your new rug. Your dining room is very handsome 🙂

  5. I have 2 patterened cow hide rugs and am in LOVE with them! you’re going to love it and mine give me butterflies too! Beautiful room and have fun in Vegas!

  6. LOL, you “know” I’m coming! You and your spectacular new cowhide do make a fabulous couple … it looks perfect in your dining room! Admittedly, I’ve never seen a rug like that … now, of course, I want one. Geesh!

  7. I have eyed this rug for the longest time at the same site and you beat me to it!!!!! It looks gorgeous Kelly, I can’t blame you for running off with it!!!!

  8. I love the plate mural and I’ve been wanting to do something like it in my own dining room. The problem is that I cant find the right hardware to hang them up. What did you use?

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