Brightening Up the Kitchen – DIY Window Treatment

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Make this fun DIY Dish Towel Window Treatment - best part, no commitment when you want to remove it!

You know I love my white kitchen but sometimes white can use a shot of color.

What better place to go colorful than on my kitchen window so I can be cheered up every time I scrub pots and pans.


When I spotted these New Jersey state dish towels at a nearby shop, I scooped them up.

Yes, I’m Jerseylicious and proud of it!

Instead of wiping up margarita spills with these beauties, I turned them into a cute window treatment.

Here’s how …

Make this DIY Dish Towel Window Treatment - love how it brighten up this kitchen window #DamageFreeDIY

DIY Dish Towel Window Treatment


Note:  Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

1) Choose a window that could use a cute valance – I chose my kitchen window.  Use a measuring tape to measure the length of the window so you can determine what size dowel you’ll need.

Note: I cut a standard 48″ dowel down to 45″ (I cut it right in the home improvement aisle)!

This wood dowel is turned into an inexpensive curtain rod - see how great it looks

2) Spray paint the dowel white and let it dry.

3) Gather your dish towels and decide how long you want your valance to be.  Create a loop at the top edge of the towel and use a sewing machine (or needle and thread) to stitch the top edge to the back of the towel with a basting stitch (best part, you can cut the stitch if you want to return your valance back into a dish towel).  Then, slide the towels through the dowel rod.

This is such a great idea - turn a dish towel into a window valance - see how!

4) Following package instructions, adhere one Command™ Forever Classic Brushed Nickel Hook to the window trim in the corner of the window.  Repeat on the other side of the window.

I love using Command hooks to hang window treatments!  This one is so cute

5) Hang your dowel rod from the hooks and enjoy your colorful, new spring window valance!

Turn a dish towel into a window valance - this is adorable and affordable!

Makes doing dishes fun …


Make this DIY Dish Towel Window Treatment - I love how it gives this white kitchen a pop of fun color

I am a Command™ Brand ambassador and truly love the company and their products – I only speak the truth. 

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  1. so cute! i’ve loved your kitchen from the minute i discovered your blog! may i ask where you purchased your towels?

  2. I am curious about the large attachment you have connected to your kitchen faucet . Is that removable , or if not , how / what is its purpose / used for ? Looks like a faucet, but you already have a faucet there , it looks like. I know this question is not about your wall hook ( sorry ) , but I was wondering about it and have noticed it in your pics ( lovely, by the way !! )

    Thanks , and I enjoy your blog !! Think spring !! ( we are bone dry , in Seattle, and will be in deep trouble this summer, no snow in our mountains………… unheard of ) .

    Cheers, Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn – I have a restaurant style faucet made for rinsing large pots. The spiral part pulls out and I can clean the sink with it – as well as move it onto the counter to fill vases, etc. Thanks for visiting – and I am definitely thinking spring!

  3. Adorable! (And so is your owl buddy!)

    Great solution to the old window treatment dilemma – I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a couple of cup hooks, a dowel and a couple of whimsical tea towels in the kitchen. Who doesn’t need something to make them smile when they’re scrubbing the pasta pot?

  4. I like that better than nails or screws in my trim. Those towels do make it colorful in your white kitchen.

  5. This looks super easy and cute! I was just looking for a solution for leaving the bottom ledge open, but not having a flouncy valance. I just got some dishtowels to make curtains with, didn’t want a lot of sewing, I don’t want to mess with rings, tabs… I want to use them when I get tired of them!

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