It’s a Cinch – Spring in the Dining Room and a DIY Banner


DIY Paper Banner - from any paper! So fun, use this tutorial with music sheets, book pages, scrapbook paper and more!

You know my mantra …

simple ideas mean more time for cocktails.

So when I wanted a festive spring banner but couldn’t find anything that I loved in the store, I whipped up my own in minutes.

Love this milk glass collection and the DIY paper banner she made from thank you cards!

How To

Find your favorite paper – I used a 10 pack of thank you cards – but you can use scrapbook paper, music sheets, book pages … whatever you love

Cut your your shapes (I traced a glass over the flowers to get a circle and cut them out – I know, very old school)

Attach bakers twine to the back of each circle with a dab of hot glue (or use tape if you don’t have hot glue)

Hang your banner and break out an evil laugh because you know you are the only person on the planet with this banner

That’s it – I told you it was a cinch.

How to make a DIY paper banner - such a fun idea and can use so many different papers

Love this dining room hutch decked out for spring - the milk glass collection is beautiful

Even Sushi loves it …

no, that’s not a look of complete boredom – trust me, she’s excited.

Love all the white milk glass in the pine hutch - the DIY flower banner is perfect for spring

Make a DIY paper banner - from any paper!  The possibilities are endless for any season or holiday

Beautiful hutch filled with milk glass

Don’t you love things that are quick and easy …

now, let’s have that cocktail – cheers!

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  1. Quick touch of Spring! Nice! love the patterned bunnies! Is that a leather rug under your dining table? So love your hutch….I had, emphasis on the word, “had” an amazing right out of an old store, glass over hutch that barely fit through the arch doorways in my house. After marriage and moving to my husbands small home…no room, I mean, not even in the garage…I cried as it left after selling it to a gal who was restoring an old home…at least it was going to be appreciated…that almost ended the marriage before it started! LOL!

  2. Very nice and I like your idea of using a package of thank you cards. Nice milk glass collection. I like to collect them too.

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