DIY Swarming Spiders Tablecloth for Halloween

I’m showing you how to make the creepiest swarming spiders tablecloth for Halloween! It will be the hit of your Halloween dinner or party even if it does creep everybody out … in a good way! A few supplies from the craft store are all you need to create a tablecloth that everyone will remember!

Halloween Crafts - Make this DIY Swarming Spiders Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party! #halloween #halloweencrafts #crafts #spiders #stencil #stencilcrafts #diyideas #halloweendecor #spiders #halloweenparty #halloweentable

Avert your eyes if you hate creepy crawly things.

#Halloween Crafts - Make this Swarming Spider Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party!

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Make a Swarming Spider Tablecloth

1) Wash a dropcloth (mine is 6′ x 9′) Get Dropcloth Here

2) Spread it on your table
(put a brown paper grocery bag under each section as you stencil to protect your table)

3) Simply stick the self-adhesive spider stencil onto the drop cloth – mine is sold out but you can get a similar spider stencil here

4) I used a small paint brushΒ and applied this black craft paint in a pouncing motion

5) Remove stencil and repeat, and repeat, and repeat … until you have a swarm!

Tip: Β rinse stencil after every 30-40 spiders and dry on old dish cloth (not paper towel – too much lint)

#Halloween Crafts - Make this Swarming Spider Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party!

I couldn’t stop there.

I was married on Friday the 13th so I consider it a lucky number (most days anyway)!

A couple of self-adhesive stencils and red glass paint made it simple to whip up these wine glasses.

#Halloween Crafts - Make this Swarming Spider Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party!

Make an Unlucky 13 Wine Glass

1) Wash and dry glasses (from dollar store)

2) Apply self-adhesive Martha Stewart Crafts number stencils

3) Brush on Martha Stewart Habanero Frost glass paint with a small paint brush

4) Remove stencils while paint is still wet

5) Pour a glass of red wine and don’t walk under any ladders

#Halloween Crafts - Make these unlucky 13 glasses - be the hit of your dinner party!

Is your skin crawling yet? This swarm of spiders is sure to be the hit of your party!

#Halloween Crafts - Make this Swarming Spider Tablecloth - be the hit of your dinner party!

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  1. Creepy and cute at the same time. I really love it and my kids would get such a kick out of having spiders all over the table. Very clever!

  2. Yes I am pinning this, I love it and I can do this, but mostly I’m pinning it to remind me this is a seriously creepy table cloth. If I have nightmares tonight I’m blaming the spiders.


  3. beautifully done but yuck! made my skin crawl just looking at it but I guess that’s the point. I would not have the patience to do hundreds of anything on a table. I admire your persistence.

  4. You go girl. Martha told me she was mouthing…..I’ll be over for dinner πŸ™‚ Love this idea and the spiders look so creepy cute πŸ™‚

  5. Beautifully executed even though it is making my skin crawl … spiders are one of my worst fears! You could makes lots of $$$ selling those tablecloths in Richmond though cause the University of Richmond are the “fighting spiders” and you see that mascot a lot, me especially cause hubs and next door neighbor are alums. Spook on Kelly!

  6. This is the creepiest tablecloth ever, but I luv it! I think if I were sitting at the table to dine, I’ll be wiping spiders off of me continuously πŸ˜‰ Great job.

  7. Glad you got some goodies from Martha. Love those spiders – you must have seen the baby spiders emerging from their egg sac before because you captured the movement perfectly. Loving the new you – I need to practice getting over here though!

  8. Outstanding! This is such a fun tablecloth. I love the glasses too! I haven’t tried to stencil on glass…need to change that.

  9. What a GREAT idea! Would it be pretty with multicolored fall leaves as well! Thanks for such a wonderful idea!

  10. Perfect for Halloween….just not on my table. LOL. Spiders are my enemy. I love how you patterned the stencil across the dropcloth. Great eye πŸ™‚

  11. Almost spit soda on my monitor with the “call me”-too great! Cute tablecloth and yes, I think the idea is Martha worthy:@)

  12. You have to know I love you…otherwise I would totally leave. I am terrified of spiders…please don’t hold it against me or try to place a rubber spider on my plate to get a quick laugh. I have clicked on this post 4 times today to comment, and finally came back and scrolled through very quickly to say…if I liked spiders, I would totally make a tablecloth just like yours. Instead, I think I’ll try one of Martha’s pumpkin stencils for mine πŸ˜‰ Let’s just hope I don’t have nightmares about millions of teeny spiders in my sheets tonight…

  13. Spooky tablecloth but looks so fun. My kiddos would have a blast with it. They all know that my worst fear are spiders!
    Glad Martha gave you that call, I’ve been waiting by the phone in anticipation, when I say waiting I mean w.a.i.t.i.n.g.!
    Again, great craft~it turned out great!

  14. truly a Martha-esque work! It is both gorgeous, cute , fun and classy! A difficult mix to achieve but you did it. You truly deserve that Craft set! πŸ™‚

  15. What a fun idea, Kelly–that was a lot of stenciling for the tablecloth! But I love how it turned out, and the wine glasses are a very cool idea–I’ve never tried stenciling on glass before, so will have to give it a try! Have a wonderful rest of your week–I have been up to my eyeballs painting on projects, but one should be done in time hopefully for next week’s post!

  16. Soooooo cool! I once hot glued tiny plastic spiders to a white bed sheet which I had covering our sofa for Halloween. It looked really cool, and this is even better, because they don’t come off! I love the idea and will totally be “borrowing” this! Genius to use a drop cloth!!

  17. Thanks for sharing the idea. I am not much into spiders, but it is cute and could be used with other stencils as well. Let the creative juices begin. I got your link from Savvy Southern Style blog linkup. If you get a chance stop by my blog Recipe for Life and check out my family favorite recipes. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  18. Ok I just made Spider Invested wreath and this would go perfect with it! LOVE this! Looks so simple. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sharing with my fans tonight;)

  19. I love this tablecloth and so will my Halloween crazed hubby! Great tutorial but one quick question…did you have to do anything once you painted the spiders to set them so they wouldn’t come out in the wash? Thanks so much for the great idea!

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