Dollar Store DIY Monogrammed Gifts – Drinking Glasses

By the end of the day, we usually have a dozen dirty glasses lined up on the counter …

but there are only four people in my family.

Where are these glasses coming from?

They multiply like rabbits when I turn my back to put away the Reese’s Puffs.

Dollar store monogrammed gifts - drinking glasses (great idea for every member of the family)!

I am rebelling against my dishpan hands and creating a simple solution to this serious problem.

A monogram.

Yes, one for every member of the family.


Talk about a cinch.

The Deets:

* Apply large initial (for the last name) self-adhesive stencil (I used Martha Stewart for Plaid)
* Apply glass paint with a paint brush (I used Martha Stewart for Plaid – Obsideon Glitter)
* Peel off stencil while paint is still wet
* Let dry completely (I waited one day)
* Apply smaller initials (first name first and middle name last)
* Repeat painting process and remove stencils
* Let “cure” before using (follow paint directions for curing times)

– I did this over two days so I could get my initials closer together.
– Make sure to rinse paint from stencils and dry before reusing (learned my lesson the hard way)!

Dollar store monogrammed gifts - drinking glasses (great idea for every member of the family)!
Know of someone who wants to adopt all of my extra glasses …

we won’t be needing them anymore.


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  1. This is genius, I have the same problem in my home with 3 kids and always an extra neighborhood kid also! Love this and maybe this is a fun project for them to use as a Christmas Gift!

  2. If I thought this would actually work in my house, I’d give it a try. We only have 2 people in our home and there are always dozens of glasses on the counter….and it isn’t me using ’em…just sayin’.
    I will, however, be giving your cocktail a try! It sounds delicious!

  3. I have this same problem, too! What a great solution! I am definitely going to try this. Can you tell me where you found the stencils?


  4. I’m on my way over for a cocktail!! Hope you’re settling back in after Sandy. When weather gets cold up north, we can a caravan of visitors … cousins left today, in-laws come tonight … just trying to keep up … and a cocktail in these cool glasses sound perfect right now!

  5. I painted some wine glasses to give as gifts. The directions I have told me to bake them in the oven. Your directions don’t say anything about baking. Necessary or not?? I want to do more but do not want to bake if not necessary. I see where someone asked this question but did not get an answer.

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