6 Dreamy DIY Headboards – Help Me Choose

I had a dream …

It was vivid and in color too.

Eclectically Vintage Bedrooms

My dream involved this Barnwood Headboard with antique gate posts from For the Love of a House.

And it was happily residing in my guest bedroom.

Eclectically Vintage

You see, my guest room bed is headboard-less.

Just a mattress on that ugly black metal stand.


Shame and embarrassment is washing over me.

I need to rectify this situation and get a headboard.


Not just any headboard mind you.

But the headboard to end all headboards.


I’m loving these dreamy ideas.


Talk about loving to read in bed!

This Book Headboard would have me riveted to the edge of my mattress.

Eclectically Vintage - Creative Headboard Ideas

If I could happen upon a cast off mantel on the side of the road, this Mantel Headboard would be perfect.

Eclectically Vintage Bedroom

You’ve seen my yardstick collection, but I’d need to find yards more to create this Yardstick Headboard from Our Vintage Home Love.

Eclectically Vintage Bedrooms

I may be heading down the Jersey shore so I can gather up supplies to make a Driftwood Headboard.

Eclectically Vintage Bedrooms

This might be a little much, even for me.  But if I do happen across a 1957 Chevy …

hey, you never know, this Truck Door Headboard may be making an appearance.

Eclectically Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Which is your dream headboard?

Do any give you nightmares?

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  1. The barnwood headboard from For the Love of a House is my personal favorite with the mantel coming in at a close second, but they are all amazing headboards.

  2. I wouldn’t spend to much time dreaming about that car headboard! I saw a few by the side of the road I could send you :). LOL!

    🙂 me

    PS Love the yardstick idea!

  3. i am not a huge fan of totally out there headboards…. i like my headboards to look like headboards, though i think doors and mantles make great headboards! with all that said, i like the mantle but my favorite is the dark planked wood- it has columns but i think i like it without those. 🙂 gee, you ask my opinion and you sure get it. 😉

  4. Can I vote “none of the above”!? Hate to be the Lone Ranger here, but I really think you and your guests would be much more comfortable with an upholstered headboard. You could slipcover it if you ever want a fabric change and it’s so much more comfy to lean up against, when reading or drinking your morning coffee, than a car door. I’m just saying…!

  5. Based on process of elimination and available raw products……. I pick the book or the driftwood. One is really a novel idea and the other would have me drifting off to sleep in no time. Either way both are conversation pieces for pillow talk.


  6. The driftwood one is giving me nightmares. Sand gnats, anyone? My favorite, of course, is the mantel, but I realize it would be a bit difficult to find one that big. I have a couple of upholstered ones I could send ya, but I don’t think “Frenchy” is your style.

  7. Love Love Love the chippy mantel. That would make such a statement in the room. Plus that is something you can always change out to another part of the house if you change your mind down the road for something different. My vote is for the mantel. Chippy and sweet.

  8. That headboard from For the Love of a House is one of my all-time favorites. Actually everything about her house is a favorite of mine! Of course, it might be difficult to stumble across 2 antique fence posts, but if anyone can do it, you can!

  9. Barnwood fab and traditional. Mantal Eclectic, Chippy and Chic. Either one. Save the car parts for a boys room…that would be cool.

  10. I love the yardsticks and the barnwood. I also like it when people re-purpose old doors, turning them sideways. Anything I used would have to be well-finished and/or well-painted. I’d have nightmares of flaky lead paint otherwise! 🙂

  11. ok…my thoughts…the book idea is great in theory, but this execution of it doesn’t work to me (no offense to the creator of this one)…the mantel, I love, but I know people who would be very uncomfortable laying under something heavy…for fear of it falling on them while sleeping (I was told that several people about a shelve I used to have over my own bed once) …the truck doors while a cute idea- kinda freak me out… windows look like big eyes looking out!! LOL…yard sticks are very nice and clever, I just hung a curtain in my kitchen using a old yard stick…would look great with that headboard and you wouldn’t have to have all yard sticks you can easily add pallet wood of other wood pieces with the yard sticks. Barnwood and posts is very nice and could be achieved with many different styles. The drift wood one looks like it might be uncomfortable to lean against with all the different thicknesses and isn’t for someone who likes things symmetrical. All that being said…I think you will find just the right thing that works for you and makes you happy!!! :O)

  12. My dream headboard would be a luxurious fabric headboard…..I really love the “mantel” headboard, but would have nightmares of it falling on my head!…now I love the headboards made from an actual fireplace mantel and surround…i would cover the opening with beautiful fabric such as linen….so you can can the mantel effect without the fear of it falling on your head!….

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