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Handcrafted Movement Tiny House - tour this sustainable, one of a kind tiny house with style

Matt of Handcrafted Movement in Washington state took his expertise from working in his families residential development company to catapult himself into the tiny house movement.

“I’m striving towards creating what I call “fresh excellence” by valuing Artistry & Craftsmanship equally along with fully engaging my head, heart and hands. I pull inspiration from many styles and themes – currently: modern farmhouses, Paris apartments, Scandinavian interior designs, Boho chic, etc as well as the spaces I see in my world travels. I guess some of my common themes are to manipulate raw materials as little as necessary and to combine different mediums – wood, metal, leather, glass, plants …” says Matt.

Tour the latest installment in my Eclectic Home Tours series then swoop back around to check more gorgeous homes from farmhouse to modern and everything in between.

Eclectic Home Tours - from farmhouse to modern and everything in between!

“I’m just getting started but see each tiny house as a blank canvas and am excited to use these next projects to explore different design directions.”

Tour the inside of this handcrafted movement tiny house with style!

Thoughtful details abound.

Tiny house with unique details and lots of style

From day to night, this tiny house is packed with dual function.

Love this tiny house! Form and function and unique details take this home from day to night

It’s all in the details including a side table planter.

Love this concrete table with a hole for plants

The house has everything including the farmhouse kitchen sink.

Love this farmhouse kitchen sink in this tiny house with style

Concrete walls, wood beams, brass pipe railings …

the one of a kind details go on and on.

Love the concrete walls in this cool kitchen

Love the copper railings on this loft bed - tour more of this tiny house with style

Great storage ideas in this tiny house

Tiny closet in a tiny house - lots of great storage ideas

Small bathroom with lots of style

Love this open storage

It’s so cool to see how much style can be packed into a tiny space.

Visit Handcrafted Movement to see more and maybe even buy your own tiny house.


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Eclectic Home Tours - from farmhouse to modern and everything in between!

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  1. I so love this particular Home. Being a Chef, I am looking for a place of my own. My daughter is all grown up, been out of the house for quite some time. So it’s just me now, but living in SoCal, it’s just way too expensive for me to find something to call my own. Been living with my folks for way too long.
    I so love the copper accents!! I collect kitchen equip that is all copper!! I also would love to use refurbished pallets!! Bonus!! I love the table, reclaimed wood? I would love to gain more info on how to create or even take one bare bones and build a home of my very own, but on a very low budget. Thanks for posting this particular model!! I’m so in love with it!!!

  2. Beautiful little home. Only two things I’d change that would make it easier for me alone:

    I would extend the loft out over the kitchen seating area to make it roomier

    I would make it so the little tables across from the couch fold down when not in use, as it would make it easier to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or get a drink of water.

    I love the farmhouse sink and the ability to have a full-size refrigerator. Also, the concrete walls are a very nice touch ♥

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