Sunroom Home Office

I’m sharing how to carve out a spot in your home for a home office. These shared homework space ideas are perfect for kids or anyone who works from home.

Love these shared homework space ideas - function, storage and beauty all in one place!

When my girls are away, their mom will play.

Summer is still in full swing here but fall, and another school year, is quickly approaching so I decided to surprise my girls while they are away at camp by sprucing up their work area in our sunroom.

Once school begins, clutter from notebooks, pens, pencils, post-its, books and papers galore descend upon us. They needed a space to work with lots of storage so they can stay organized and I can stay sane.

Our sunroom is a space we all use to watch tv, work and hang out so I was dying to make it more functional (and pretty)!

Love all the storage in this modern home office space and the clear ghost chair is beautiful

So out with the dining tables that were too deep and had absolutely no storage and in with a pair of matching computer desks with drawers.

More storage comes from a little file cabinet with drawers perfect for notebooks, folders, books and other supplies that are within reach. Instead of stashing it under the desk, I thought one would be perfect between the desks.

Love this affordable version of the classic ghost chair!

I LOVE these clear Casper chairs! They add such personality without taking up visual space and keep the area light and airy (and put the emphasis on the view of our backyard).

Love this home office space and the pretty floral garland

Love the modern computer desk with ghost chair

I really love the two desk drawers that each desk has and the center cubby – perfect for storing laptops.

Love this desk with lots of drawer storage

Sleek, shiny white surfaces and chrome are easy to clean.

Love this white and chrome desk

With all that hidden storage, it’s nice to be able to display only pretty things on the desk.

A tray is the perfect way to organize desk accessories

I love the way their new homework area blends seamlessly with the rest of the sunroom.

Love this colorful shared tv and home office space

I can’t wait to see the look on my girls faces when they see their new workspace …

now let’s hope they can keep it looking this tidy!

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  1. Wish I had a place like that when I was young! Very nice!
    Where did you get those sweet flowers on the window?

  2. What an awesome and adorable space for your girls to get their homework done! I’m sure they’ll love it!!

  3. The whole area is way cool and I am sure they will think so too! It would make schoolwork a whole lot more pleasant to do. Love the chairs and the filing cabinet! Good work, Mom….:)

  4. This study area is the perfect spot for homework and daydreams! Love the desk and of course, you know I’m a fan of the chair!

  5. Good job what a mom you are. You always find some interesting things to decorate with,the stapler and tape dispenser are sooo cute! I know they will thrilled.

  6. Looks great. I like how clean and uncluttered it looks. I’m thinking about purchasing the desk. Did you have to assemble the whole thing or I know a lot of desks come w/the top already assembled and you just have to put together the legs.

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