Historic Racoon Island

Stone mansion on Racoon Island - take a tour of more stunning lake houses kellyelko.com

When the temp reaches 95 and the humidity curls my hair into an unmanageable frizz, it’s always good to have friends who invite you to their lake house!

Historic Racoon Island on Lake Hopatcong is less than an hour from my house but feels like it’s worlds away.

My friends bought a 1903 cottage on Racoon Island New Jersey around 15 years ago and it’s only accessible by a quick two minute ferry ride six months out of the year.

Here is their rustic cottage …

Lake cottage on Racoon Island kellyelko.com

that includes the original boat house.

Antique boat house - see more historic homes on the lake kellyelko.com

It’s such an unpretentious place perfect for relaxing getaways.

Antique boat house - love the architectural details including round windows kellyelko.com

My friend took us on a boat tour of the lake and we saw everything from modest cottages to grand Victorians and everything in between.

Before we were caught in a freezing cold torrential downpour where we were all soaked, I managed to snap a few pics of my favorite houses.

Love this lake house with two slides! kellyelko.com

This snapped during a overcast day photo doesn’t do this house justice.

Lake living - love this charming lake house with attached boat house kellyelko.com

Even the boat houses are picturesque.

Charming little boat house on the lake kellyelko.com

This is the view from their porch that includes a gorgeous lakeside row of limelight hydrangeas that stretch around the cove to the neighbors property.

Lake view - love the row of limelight hydrangeas kellyelko.com

Now let’s all go jump in the lake.

See more of my favorite Curb Appeal houses here.

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  1. Kelly, Wow, what a wonderful place to be invited to visit. Does anybody live there in the winter? Pat S

  2. This super Kelly, I know Lake Hopatcong. It’s not super close but not too far either. I remember it growing up and it has changed very much. You took some great photos, thanks for sharing.

    When two other bloggers and I get together for lunch in the fall you should join us. We had fun last year we go to Bergen County.


  3. The lake, boat houses and cabins (rustic, quaint and grand) remind me of the St Lawrence in upstate NY. The little town of Clayton, NY on the St Lawrence along with Alexandria Bay boost some gorgeous homes. The water shimmers from the sun with many places to visit including Hart Island and water tours of the Whiskey trade during prohibition. Lovely area!!

  4. I was quite surprised when I read your post…I actually live on Lake Hopatcong, and own the boat rental and bait and tackle shop located on Nolans Point. We live on the main land year round, and are quite busy with ice fishing if there is safe ice. There are some really nice houses, and boat houses on the lake. Glad you enjoyed your stay here ! It really is a small world…Have a good evening

  5. I love the tour of this wonderful place, i am sure you had a fun time. Thanks Kelly for being thoughtful and taking us along.

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