Eclectic House Tour – Christmas in the Barn


A dream.

To live on a farm in renovated barn homes with horses and chickens.

Since my current reality is a taking care of a lone goldfish, I’ll be living my dream through this Georgia home tour – nicknamed Camp Boxwoods – featured in Veranda magazine.

Renovated barn homes - I'd love to live here!

They believe in drama in decorating – and it’s drama done right.

Saddle room in this stunning barn

Lucky dinner guests have dessert in the stables.

Dining room in a barn - how fun!

Renovated barn and a Tennessee walking horse

So head on over to Veranda and meet Harley, a Tennessee walking horse, who’s living the dream.


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  1. I grew up in the country and there was a huge barn on our property that my mom used to dream of remodeling. It never happened and we moved away but I love barns. We would play for hours in them. I even painted it for my mom as we still talk about it. You can see my painting here if you scroll down a few images. It may not have been turned into our dream home but we still dream of it!

  2. What an amazing post! One of my many dreams is to redo an old barn. Love all the beautiful old lumber. The smell of horses, cows, and hay. Lots of memories hanging out in my grandparents hay loft playing with kittens and reading books!

  3. Looks like your post really stirred up some memories. I can remember playing in a 2nd. cousins barn when I was 8 yrs. old. We traveled from Cleveland, OH to So. Ca on the train and then visited several relatives on my Mom’s side of family, people I’d never known anything about. The barn was outside of Bend, OR. on 2nd. cousins farm. I loved the time we spent there, we went all over Oregon, Washington and of course Northern CA visiting. Was quite an adventure for an 8yr. old. Have many wonderful memories.
    Hope you have great memories from things that have happened in your life.
    A very merry Christmas and Happy New year.

  4. Here’s wishing you and yours a New Year that is filled with Love…Compassion…Health…Joy….Faith…Friends…Family…Charity…Humanity…Insight…Happiness…Insight…Peace and Inner Peace! Also we wish you all that is good in the world because YOU are special! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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