7 WOW Handmade Gifts Under $5 (& see me on TV)!


Seven WOW Cheap Handmade Gifts Under $5! kellyelko.com

Everyone will cross their fingers and toes hoping you will have them for the next Secret Santa if you make one of these creative, personalized, cheap handmade gifts for your best girlfriends.

I made my television debut on The Dawn Show, where I was pampered and primped with pro hair and makeup, this week sharing my favorite handmade gifts.

You can watch the episode at the end of this post where Denise from The Painted Home and I show you how to make our favorite cheap handmade gifts for under $5.


So forget handing over a plain old boring bottle of wine (there’s a great idea for jazzing up a bottle in the video!) or a gift card …

get creative with some of my favorite gift ideas for girlfriends.


You can watch if you promise not to laugh!

Warning:  they say the camera adds 10 pounds, but I swear it added an extra 30 to me!

Want more in depth instructions – I’ve written it all out:

Music Lyric Plate

Brown Sugar Body Scrub – with cute FREE printable gift tag!

P.S. Want to see another fun video segment from Denise?  She’s sharing her creative Christmas tree ideas (you’ll love what she uses for a tree topper)!

Here’s to wowing our friends with some wow gifts.

Seven WOW Cheap Handmade Gifts Under $5! kellyelko.com

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  1. Kelly, That was so fun! Cute projects and you look marvelous! We are our own worst critic. Keep in mind that the TV host probably wears a size 1….Just sayin’.
    Hugs, Laura

  2. Well, now I have to update the magazine I keep in the bathroom to say “and television star”. You were wonderful, I only laughed at appropriate times, but I am concerned about the camera adding weight thing. If that is true I would look like a short beach ball, so I will never ever go on tv.

    And can I just say about the segment with Dawn, Denise and you…. go brunettes!

  3. That was great! I loved your comment about going upstairs to hide and eat a bite sized snickers! So glad we got to share in your TV debut! You were cool, calm and collected … and shared some wonderful ideas!

  4. Kelly, great ideas. You look adorable! Wonderful job! I’m heading to the dollar store, I forgot a few gifts I need to get finished ASAP

  5. Woowee girlfriend!! You looked mahvelous dahling! How cool is this?? Love your television debut. I will be looking for you next on the Today Show or one of the other morning shows. I see stars in your future. And I don’t just mean the kind you might put on some of your adorable $5 crafts. Sharing on my FB page today. A star is born 🙂

  6. you were fabulous! and you looked gorgeous! and i loved being able to hear your voice! 🙂 i just love you! we have got to meet in 2014. it’s going to happen. it’s the year of the horse and my horse is leading me your way.

  7. You gals acted like you’ve always been on tv, didn’t seem one bit nervous and looked great. Wish I could have heard you but I’m hard of hearing and my pc volume is very low. So I just watch and enjoy. Same thing with watching tv at home.
    Gifts for under $5, perfect and they are so great, love the 3 tiered jewelry holder. I’ll be looking at little bowls and saucers differently at the thrift stores. The ideas were all ingenious, might just have to try the sugar scrub also. You gals did great, prettier than your hostess also. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

  8. Kelly, you look great! Congrats. I think you did really well on your tv debut! Your humor and creativity shine through! Maybe we’ll see you on HGTV one day!

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